Pokimane outlines major issues with GTA RP cops after joining NoPixel server

Pokimane GTARPTwitch : Pokimane

After delving into GTA RP’s NoPixel server, Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys outlined major issues with its cops.

As the most famous Grand Theft Auto V roleplay server, NoPixel has managed to bring in a plethora of content creators and streamers to its platform.

Whether it’s the likes of Twitch streamer xQc with his infamous criminal, X – also known as Jean Paul – or content creator Sykkuno with his mastermind character, Yuno Sykk, not only is the server filled with deep characters but it’s a certified content creating machine.

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This is where Pokimane comes in. Wanting to partake in NoPixel, the streamer decided to give NoPixel a whirl.

nopixel-gta-ftr_1xq7w8pbzyo2n1o0cn2viwq9hzNoPixel / Rockstar Games
NoPixel is the most famous GTA RP server.

Pokimane outlines major issues with GTA RP NoPixel cops

Roleplaying as Jean Paul’s sister, Jolie Paul, Pokimane, like many others, started in humble beginnings but quickly got accelerated into the path of a criminal after she was adopted by one of the server’s most popular gangs, the Cleanbois.

Filled with battle-hardened criminals such as Tony Corleone, Lang Buddha, and others, she quickly found herself from trying to figure out the controls of the game to boosting cars, an act that in the server, can have you put in jail.

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In a broadcast on March 5, after being jailed for having an illegal firearm, the streamer decided to talk about NoPixel’s cops and how they treat content and newer roleplayers.

“I feel like I’m allowed to talk about my negative experiences,” she said. “I do think it would be nicer of them to sometimes content a bit more especially with people that are newer like me. Because otherwise, the alternative is ‘oh, I learn to just run away from the cops all the f**king time’ and that sucks for them and that sucks for me.”

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Pokimane later elaborated that this type of behavior would garner negative connotations against interacting with cops and instead of being against them, both players like her and police alike could work together for a more entertaining product.

“If we work together to enjoy experiences more that at least would be entertaining for the both of us. But now, they’re just gonna run around being annoyed that people just do sh*t and run away and I’m gonna have no alternative because if I ever come close to them they’re just gonna zap me and take me away without even talking to me for two seconds.”

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At the end of the day, although the NoPixel server was created with roleplay in mind, with the entrance of streamers, this has changed. Meaning that content is more at the forefront than ever before. Something that the server’s participants might find difficult to balance.

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