xQc claims NoPixel GTA RP server is in “shambles” for one major reason

xqc-gta-rp-no-pixelRockstar Games / Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel claimed the NoPixel GTA RP server is in “literal shambles “due to cops “breaking the rules,” and because of that, he hasn’t played it on stream for more than a week.

xQc has had his fair share of run-ins with the Los Santos Police Department on the NoPixel GTA RP server.

Not only did he claim some of them don’t roleplay properly, but he also claimed some log in just to hunt him down. At the peak of his frustration, he lashed out at them for breaking the server’s rules.

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Now, he’s gone a step further and said the server is in “literal shambles” for that very reason, and it’s turned him off the game.

GTA RP CopsRockstar Games
Cops in GTA RP have been at the center of xQc’s controversies.

“The server is in literal shambles. Literal shambles,” said the juicer warlord.

“GTA RP is literally degrading faster than I’ve ever seen before. Everybody is malding.” He believes it’s all because of the cops.

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“Cops want to do their jobs so badly in that game that they’re literally breaking rules to ‘do their job’ so they can ruin other people’s things by actually breaking the rules, and they’re mad because they’re getting some backfire because of it.”

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xQc hasn’t streamed GTA RP for more than a week. In fact, according to SullyGnome, he’s only streamed it for ten hours in the past two weeks, which is much less than how much he streamed it beforehand.

Of course, it doesn’t mean he’ll be gone for good. xQc has come and gone from the server many times in the past, mostly due to bans. However, he always finds his way back eventually and gets right into it again.

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