Valkyrae explains how fans ‘shipping’ her with friends is forcing her away from GTA RP

valkyrae-gta-rp-shippersRockstar Games / YT: Valkyrae

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter opened up about the toll people ‘shipping’ her with male friends has taken on her, admitting she feels “hesitant” to play GTA RP with them because of it.

People love seeing streamers collaborate and play games together. However, sometimes they take it too far by expressing the desire for them to become romantically involved with each other — a concept known as ‘shipping.’

On May 8, Rae urged fans to stop shipping her with male friends, describing it as “uncomfortable and creepy.”

Following that, she revealed how it’s impacting her friendships and makes her want to stop playing GTA RP.

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Valkyrae looking at her GTA RP characterYouTube: Valkyrae
Rae has immersed herself in GTA RP for a while now.

“I think that might be the reason why I have been avoiding GTA as well, because of all the shippers,” said Rae. “The shippers are psychotic recently. I’m going to be honest. It’s been really affecting me to the point where it is affecting friendships.”

Rae admitted she’s been avoiding people because of it, both in-game and in person. “I’m still friends with all of my guy friends, but I am hesitant to play GTA because of it. I am hesitant to hang out with certain people.

“I’m not in the mood to play GTA because I don’t like the community when I play GTA. That’s the honest truth. That’s why I’ve kind of been avoiding it. I don’t like all the shipping. It’s different when it’s characters, but people are shipping in person, and it’s honestly creepy.”

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Rae has raised concerns about shipping in the past. In 2021, she described the fact people were shipping her with Minecraft YouTuber Dream as “terrible.” However, this time she claims it’s worse because it’s with her friends.

Other streamers have spoken about it too, including Ludwig and Pokimane, who were being shipped together after a series of collaborations. They also called it “creepy” behavior and explained why it’s not okay.