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GTA Online players discover long-lost secret to fast traveling

Published: 13/Sep/2021 21:08

by Bill Cooney


A clever player has shown that it’s actually possible to fast travel in GTA Online, something even a lot of veteran players weren’t aware of.

Unlike its cousin Red Dead Redemption Online, there’s no ingrained “fast travel” system spread across the map in GTA Online.

This isn’t as big of an issue in GTA though, as you can use trains, planes and automobiles to get from point A to point B. However, one player has found there is a fast travel option available in GTA Online, you just have to know where to go to use it.


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Fast travel can get you from one place to another, without risking your personal vehicle in the process.

The reason this trick isn’t more well known is probably because you can only access the fast travel option from inside the Diamond Casino. Not only that, you have to own the Casino Penthouse property as well.

As Reddit user yungnoodlee shows us, once you’re part of the exclusive Penthouse club, you can finally take advantage of fast traveling. How? By ordering some limo service, or course.

Now, walking up to the front desk and ordering a Limo to take you wherever you want is nothing new, but based on the amount of upvotes noodlee’s video got on the subject, it’s probably safe to say a lot of players didn’t know, or just forgot.


The chauffeuring service is also available at a touch of a button using your iFruit mobile in-game. In order to request a ride, simply drop Ms. Baker a call and wait for her to pick up and send someone to scoop you.

Did you know if you own the penthouse, You can basically fast travel to certain places? from gtaonline

So, where can you go with the limo or car service? You can basically teleport to locations across every corner of the GTA 5 map, whether it be down in Los Santos – as far as the Los Santos International Airport – or as high as Paleto Bay. You can check out the full list right here.

This will be particularly useful in GTA Online when you want to quickly leave an area, and you have this Reddit user to thank for plotting them all on a map for you to keep.