GTA Online players are dialling a phone number hoping for GTA 6 teaser

GTA Online Phone Number Promises GTA 6 TeaserRockstar Games

GTA Online players are encouraging others to call a phone number for a GTA 6 teaser, and the results aren’t what anyone is expecting.

The wait for Grand Theft Auto 6 has been long and frustrating for fans of the GTA series. From lacking information to “leaks” that aren’t related to canon content, getting the truth about the upcoming game can be a real slog.

In a recent bid for new information, GTA Online fans have been calling a special in-game phone number shared in a deleted tweet by TezFunz2 on Twitter.

The post encourages anyone who players the MMORPG to phone for teaser audio. However, many are doubtful about the legitimacy of the phone number, wondering if is truly a teaser, or potentially an unpleasant audio prank thought up by another player.

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Is there really a GTA 6 teaser in GTA Online?

The Phone number players are urging others to call in GTA Online is 505-555-0175.

GTA Online Phone Number GTA 6 TeaserThe tweet from TezFunz2 encourages GTA Online players to call.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the teaser fans were hoping for. As pointed out by NoughtAFazeMom on Twitter, the number appears to be a prank, routing those who dial it to random hold music.

Despite this, fans have continued to encourage their fellow players to call the number, hoping to fool those desperate for news on the upcoming game.

This trick falls in line with many other recent pranks, such as “leaks” of the game world that are actually maps from real places other other video games.

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Unfortunately, while Rockstar has confirmed GTA 6 is in the works, almost no other information has been made available regarding the game’s development. Because of this, it is unlikely any teasers will be making their way into current games in the franchise, especially as secret in-game phone numbers.

At the end of the day, the phone number is a hoax, and can even be seen as a hilarious GTA-style Rickroll.