GTA Online player becomes his character IRL with amazing cosplay

GTA Online cosplayReddit/xxx55yearoldman/Rockstar Games

It’s not uncommon to see players in online games get attached to their custom characters, but a GTA Online player took things to the next level with an unreal cosplay.

GTA Online gives players a plethora of options to customize their character to their liking. While some opt to make their character similar to themselves, others go in completely unreal directions using some of the more obscure items and accessories.

As such, if you ever play GTA Online, there’s a good chance that you see players running around in outlandish outfits and for Redditor ‘xxx55yearoldman,’ this was a chance to cosplay as his avatar.

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Posting to Reddit, the user showed off his custom character before changing the video to an amazing IRL perspective, bringing the game to life.

Rockstar Games
GTA Online has a wild cast of characters.

GTA Online goes IRL with ridiculous cosplay

In the video, xxx55yearoldman begins by showing off his character hanging out in his in-game apartment.

Wearing a bag over his head, red scarf over a shirtless body and a comical bear tattoo, the character seemed to look like someone you’d run into on a New York subway.

After going to sleep in-game, the player changed his video to “awake” in real life dressed up as the character and showed off his amazing cosplay in the mirror, bag on his head and all.

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Hilariously, the IRL gamer than “equipped” a bomb and gun that was left in the bathroom, picked up some money and went outside only to “die” instantly after being shot by an opposing player.

Other users were impressed by the cosplay, calling it “awesome content.” Hopefully, this can inspire more players to try to bring their own GTA characters to life (without the crime and death, of course).