GTA Online not working for some players after patch 1.42

Rockstar Games

Following patch 1.42 for GTA Online some players are having a tough time launching the game. Here’s what we know about the issues, and how to potentially avoid them.

GTA Online is without a doubt one of the most popular multiplayer games around. But, not being able to log in can seriously affect how much money your character brings in.

This can in turn mess up your plans to purchase a sub, yacht, or other high-ticket item, and following update 1.42 in May, some players are experiencing exactly this problem.

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Players unable to log into GTA Online following patch 1.42

franklin running from an explosion in gta onlineRockstar Games
Patch 1.42 was meant to fix problems with crashes and smooth out gameplay, but seems to have done the opposite for some players.

Following 1.42 several players have reported being unable to boot up GTA Online at all. Normally this could be chalked up to hiccups following the patch, but there is actually something similar in each case.

Every player that’s reported the issue on Reddit and the official GTA forums has had one thing in common: they’re all playing on PS4.

Those experiencing issues all get the same message that they’re unable to connect to Rockstar services at all, which rules out the infinite loading screen glitch as the culprit.

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How to fix GTA Online patch 1.42 connection glitch

gta onlineRockstar Games
The login glitch only seems to affect GTA Online players on PS4.

Unfortunately there’s no surefire way to fix this connection glitch, other than playing on a platform besides PS4, which not everyone will be able to do.

That being said though, there have been some results with simply restarting the game and attempting to log in again, though this isn’t guaranteed to work either.

Until Rockstar hopefully fixes the issue themselves, it seems like PS4 players will just have to hop their luck holds out when trying to log in to GTA Online sessions.

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