GTA Online Casino player reveals ridiculous blackjack earnings of $35m

GTA Online BlackjackYouTube: Rockstar Games

One GTA Online player showed off their incredible gambling haul, with over $35 million in virtual winnings thanks to blackjack.

The beauty of Grand Theft Auto online is that it gives players an open sandbox with tons of activities to do.

From the heists and races to just playing leisure games like tennis or lounging at the social club, there are a myriad of ways for players to spend their time in the virtual city of Los Santos.

With the Diamond Casino & Resort update back in 2019, players were invited into the casino where they could wager their virtual currency in games like blackjack, roulette, slots, and poker. It seems that this can be quite a lucrative means of acquiring wealth.

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GTA Online player shows off blackjack earnings

Redditor DaLamb2004 shared their incredible earnings report from betting, showing that they had earned just over $35 million in earnings.

Tagging the post “[b]elieve in yourself and always double down in blackjack”, it seems that the implication is that most of these betting earnings came via the blackjack table.

The replies of the thread are filled with fellow GTA Online players marveling at the feat, as it’s hard to win consistently enough at blackjack – either in real life or in Los Santos – to turn that sort of a profit.

Plenty of players even jokingly discussed how a similar strategy had cost them their precious earnings, such as one commenter who said “[h]ey bro I tried listening and burned through 1 million chips :(“

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All those would-be gamblers should take heed of these warnings; winning $35 million is far harder than losing $35 million.