GTA fans divided over “lazy” Trilogy Definitive Edition graphics

Michael Gwilliam
GTA trilogy graphics

Rockstar Games has finally unveiled the updated graphics for GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition featuring GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas, but fans are extremely mixed on the new visual look.

As originally leaked, the remastered trilogy of games from the PlayStation 2 era are keeping to the cartoon style of the originals while modernizing them for next-gen consoles.

In addition to the updated visuals, the games will also feature multiple improvements on the gameplay front, including better checkpoints and making use of GTA 5’s weapon wheel and aiming mechanics.

However, despite the enhancements, the reaction from fans has been divisive with some praising the new and others expecting more.

GTA fans slam Trilogy Definitive Edition visual upgrade

On the more negative side of the spectrum, some fans feel like not enough was done to modernize the titles to make them look like GTA 5.

“They did the bare bones and said HERE,” one fan remarked after seeing the trailer. “They could’ve at least completely upgraded to graphics to GTA 5.”

Others dismissed the look as looking too much like Fortnite. Some even compared the upgrade to the updated Mafia games, claiming that “at least [they] delivered.”

Fans even called the upgrade trash, claiming that it was a lazy improvement over the originals.

Another issue that fans have had since before the graphics were even shown off was the price. Now with the game being unveiled, some don’t think the Trilogy warrants a $60 price tag and should retail for much less.

GTA fans defend Rockstar amid Trilogy graphics overhaul

While some fans weren’t happy, others were pleased with the changes made to the games and are looking forward to playing them on November 11.

“For the people who expected GTA V graphics you are all insane. This is perfect they have kept it true to the originals with a nice adjustment to the visuals,” one fan wrote, defending the remakes. “A full remake probably would have never captured the magic of the original games.”

This sentiment rang true with some others thirty for a nostalgia trip. The Gaming Lemon chimed in, “really looking forward to the GTA Trilogy, like how they went with updated but still original graphics, looks dope.”

One fan even felt the graphics are better than GTA 4 while still looking outdated compared to GTA V.

It will be interesting to see how the game sells and how it’s received once players return to Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas.

With GTA 6 still nowhere to be found or officially announced, hopefully this can tide us over until Rockstar’s flagship series makes the jump to next gen.