Genius GTA Online trick lets you avoid griefers in public lobby

Alan Bernal
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Avoiding GTA Online griefers can be difficult, but players have found a genius way of spotting out dubious actors in public lobbies looking to derail gameplay.

Cargo missions task players to move across the map with precious goods in tow. It’s during these moments when people feel like they have a giant target on their back by players looking to mess with others.

Griefers are a common hazard in GTA Online public lobbies, and there’s no single solution to getting rid of the problem.

However, there is a way to do a preliminary check for people in a lobby that will give away a huge tell if they ever griefed before.

Avoid griefers in GTA Online

gta online griefers kda
GTA Online players with huge K/D ratios could make you think twice about doing cargo missions.

Reddit user ‘daffox123’ gave the GTA Online community a simple lifeline to avoid griefers altogether before thinking about moving cargo in a public lobby.

“Remember guys always check the player kd before selling your cargo in a public lobby,” they said. “You might get griefed.”

A typical K/D in GTA Online can be anywhere around 0.2 to 2.0 and anything wildly above that would start to put the player’s account into question.

In their example, daffox123 showed a player with a 139123.75 kill-death ratio. While it’s not the most incriminating piece of evidence, the outlandish number is a good indication of that particular person playing outside of the game’s bounds.

gta online mk 2 oppressor
The MK Oppressor is a calling card for GTA Online griefers but there are other ways to tell who’s problematic in the game.

How to find GTA Online K/D

To view a player’s K/D, all you have to do is navigate to the Online tab in the pause menu and scroll down to the ‘Players’ option.

From there, you can send people a message, report or commend them, as well as preview individual character stats like K/D.

That same window will show a ‘Clean player’ tag under the GTA character’s name to indicate if they’ve been problematic in the past, though people have found there are better ways of determining that.

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