xQc responds to GTA RP backlash over “stripper” joke aimed at female streamer

Isaac McIntyre
xQc looks shocked next to fellow Twitch streamer Wolfabelle

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has hit back at claims he’s misogynistic after coming under fire for making several “stripper” jokes at the expense of a female Twitch streamer roleplaying as a cop on the game’s No Pixel server.

xQc’s spotted history on the iconic No Pixel server is famous in both the GTA RP and Twitch communities, with the star streamer often drawing the ire of the roleplaying fandom ⁠— and bans, too ⁠— for his overtop the top gaming antics.

Since the No Pixel server relaunched in February this year, the lobby has been plagued by drama, with xQc and his army of Twitch followers often smack-bang in the middle. These include a half-dozen bans, feuds with other high-profile roleplayers, and even the founding of a new white-listed server.

This time, however, some believe he’s gone too far.

The GTA RP community is up in arms over a number of xQc’s “misogynistic” jokes leveled at fellow Twitch star Wolfabelle, who was roleplaying a cop at the time.

xQc gets roasted over his 'lack of roleplaying' by NoPixel owner after GTA RP run-in
xQc has been called “misogynistic” after a roleplaying interaction in GTA Online.

The incident in question happened while xQc’s main character Jean Paul was (no surprise here) locked away in jail. The Twitch star often finds himself behind bars after being arrested for his antics, and this time was no different either.

While locked away, xQc ⁠— roleplaying Jean Paul ⁠— was in a heated argument in GTA with Wolfabelle’s cop character and her partner. xQc had run over Wolfabelle’s character, and was trying to wriggle his way out of the charge, when he declared she was a “bimbo” that didn’t know how to play the game.

“You’re a bimbo!” he declared. “Oh my god, you actually are… You’re a bimbo. Really, you’re so brain dead. Why don’t you go to VU [a strip club in No Pixel called “Vanilla Unicorn”] and do what you do best?

“Oh my god, you broke b*tch, you should lick my asscrack,” xQc then said as Jean Paul, before repeating “lady, lady, you need to stop talking” several times.

The GTA RP community was soon in an uproar over his comments. While much of what xQc said was likely “in character” in the No Pixel world, many roleplayers and fans of the server believed they were way out of line.

The general response was that xQc had gone too far with his insults.

“Telling a woman to work at the strip club, incel sh*t,” one said, while others demanded the mods ban him to prove “sexism has no place” on the server.

xQc's return to GTA RP goes hilariously wrong almost immediately
GTA RP fans are calling for xQc to be banned on No Pixel for a seventh time.

xQc soon addressed the growing GTA RP backlash on his stream, defending his use of words like “bimbo” and his calls for Wolfabelle’s character to go work at the strip club, and claiming the uproar is “double standards.”

“People are calling me an incel unironically, after I said she should get a job at VU, a GTA strip club, saying that I should get banned by saying that,” he said. “They’re saying, ‘Oh my god, misogyny!’ I’m just confused. I feel bad, but also why can’t you insult a woman without it being misogynistic?

“I don’t understand. You insult somebody, it should be even across the field. Now, because it’s a woman, it’s something else? This doesn’t make any sense. Jokes are for everyone, and I think that this is just double standards.

He continued: “I genuinely believe people who push hard like that cause more damage to equality than the good they claim to fight for. They’re doing damage!”

xQc’s response did little to quell the backlash, however. In a series of Reddit threads, fans pointed out the Twitch star had only directed his offensive comments to Wolfabelle, and not her male partner. Others simply dubbed it “such a bad argument” and agreed it was “absolutely sexist.”

As of publication, xQc has not yet been banned for his comments.