GTA Online Halloween event adds terrifying killer clowns on the hunt

Sam Smith
GTA Online Killer Clowns attacking

As part of Rockstar’s Halloween celebrations, killer clowns are starting to appear in GTA Online, and players are seriously creeped out.

The killer clown craze is having a resurgence in GTA Online as more and more players report spooky interactions with not only them, but ghost cars, UFOs, and other weird goings-on.

Rockstar has been known to add different interactions and events to GTA Online during the Halloween Surprise period, but this time they’ve gone all out with killer clowns being on the loose.

There appears to be a variety of different killer clowns running around Los Santos, with some of the spookiest being inspired by Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King’s IT. Though, there have also been sightings of other creepy stalkers based on different slasher icons too.

two killer clowns in GTA Online
GTA Online’s Halloween event is seriously scary.

Killer clowns and masked serial killers in GTA Online

Players have reported seeing masked serial killers carrying a machete which seems to be based on Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13 franchise. While other players have seen NPCs that resemble Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street.

While some killer clowns can be taken down, some of them and the other murderers in GTA Online are seemingly unkillable, according to players who’ve interacted with them, due to their increased health.

These villains slowly trudge towards players and attack if they get too close or have a weapon pointed towards them. Each one has unique sound effects too, which makes it incredibly spooky at times.

Ghost cars stalk the roads of GTA Online

However, it’s not just killer clowns that are on the loose. Players have also had random interactions with ghost cars that have no driver and point red headlights at the player. These are, again, based on another classic Stephen King icon – the killer car Christine.

Those who get tailed by the car will have to be careful. Some of them will burst into flames and charge towards the player at speed, hoping to run them over. It can be truly unsettling.

How to find killer clowns in GTA Online

Players who want to experience the weirdness for themselves need to log in to a private or public session and walk around for a while. Those who have experienced the killer clowns and other scary events said they usually spotted it while walking around Los Santos or driving slowly.

It may also take up to 20 minutes for something to spawn. But you’ll know it when you see it, and be prepared once you do. These killer clowns are as deadly as they look!