GTA 6 insider claims Project Americas & female protagonist leaks are real

Michael Gwilliam
A map of GTA 6.

A Grand Theft Auto insider is backing up a series of claims made about GTA 6, confirming that leaks regarding a female protagonist and Project Americas are happening.

The Project Americas leak is one of the most prominent. At its core, the leak suggests that GTA 6 will see a return to Vice City with players being able to travel to South America by plane.

There are other variations of the leak, such as players being able to travel from Vice City to Liberty City and San Andreas, but the constant theme is that Vice City would be the primary destination.

Now, YouTuber LegacyKillaHD has appeared to back up the claims, writing on Twitter: “I can verify that someone in the know, a few years ago confirmed that & the entire Project Americas leak to me.”

When pressed about what version of the Project Americas leak they were referring to, LegacyKillaHD responded with a link to a 2018 video from Inside Gaming where an anonymous source revealed information about GTA 6.

The original leak nor LegacyKillaHD delved deeper to reveal what time period the game would take place in, leaving fans speculating on if the series will return to present day or the past.

Additionally, the YouTuber added that the “leaks the last few years of a female protagonist being featured are true.”

This is in reference to a recent tweet made by fellow YouTuber Tom Henderson who wrote, “for the first time ever in a GTA title, GTA 6 will have a playable female and male protagonist.”

It would make sense for the series to return to its multiple playable characters format as it was largely successful in GTA V, so the idea that the next GTA will have a female protagonist isn’t a foreign concept.

Unfortunately, while Rockstar themselves have remained mum on the next installment in the series, with details only coming from leakers and insiders, bits and pieces of evidence have fallen through the cracks with the company themselves seemingly leaving breadcrumbs.

Hopefully, more information about the anticipated title emerges this year as next-gen versions of GTA V are releasing in 2021.

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