GTA 6 leak claims female main character will actually happen

Connor Bennett
Female character taking a selfie in GTA Online

A new supposed leak for GTA 6 has backed up a long-standing rumor about multiple characters in the single-player mode. However, some fans are skeptical.

As time has gone on, there has been a whole laundry list of claims surrounding GTA 6 – including where it’s going to be set, what the story is going to entail, and the biggest question of all, when is it going to be released.

With the next-gen consoles flying off the shelves, fans have been hoping for some sort of hint from Rockstar Games, but, they haven’t been forthcoming. Instead, players have been falling back on apparent leaks and long-standing rumors.

Rockstar insiders have confirmed that the game is in development, and we’ve even had a character known as The Mexican be revealed, but what about the main characters? Who will they be?

Trevor from GTA V
GTA 5 was released in 2013, and remains an incredibly popular title.

Well, one of those long-standing rumors that has lingered for a while has been about GTA 6 incorporating Grand Theft Auto’s first female lead character. Whether she’d be the sister or a partner of another main character is anyone’s guess as we’ve heard both.

Now, YouTuber LongSensation – Tom Henderson – who has revealed plenty of details about Call of Duty before has doubled down on those claims that a female main character will actually be happening. 

“For the first time ever in a GTA title, GTA 6 will have a playable female and male protagonist,” he tweeted on January 10. Though, his post did leave some fans asking questions.

Mostly, fans inquired about it being like Cyberpunk – where you can pick and choose your gender – or if it’d be like GTA V, where you change character throughout. 

Henderson didn’t offer any further information, and while he’s been reliable with leaks in the past, nothing has come close to being confirmed. So, it’s worth taking things with a pinch of salt for now. At least until Rockstar actually confirms they’re making GTA 6.

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