Rockstar takes down massive GTA 6 leak allegedly sourced from dev’s son

Carver Fisher
GTA 6 leaked map

A supposed GTA 6 leak has come out displaying new areas of downtown Vice City, but many questioned its validity when it came out. However, new details have come to light surrounding the clip that has led many fans to believe the leaks are real.

With GTA 6 being one of the most anticipated games of all time, it’s no surprise that several fake leaks have come and gone that have sparked a great deal of speculation amongst those waiting for the game’s release.

And, while most of the leaks other than the massive one that showed 90+ minutes of gameplay footage have been proven to be fake, a new leak that came days before the first GTA 6 trailer’s launch may be real.

Here’s everything we know about the most recent GTA 6 leak:

GTA 6 leak goes viral on TikTok, but are the leaks real?

The original leak is a slowed-down video of someone in a debug menu in what appears to be an early version of GTA 6. The footage showed off some new sights in the downtown area of Vice City, parts that weren’t shown in the first slew of viral leaks, though that video was taken down from TikTok.

There’s a version that’s still up on Twitter at the time of writing, though that may be deleted as well seeing as Rockstar is in a hurry to take down any content related to the leaks.

The video was also posted to the GTA 6 Reddit and promptly removed by moderators, though that didn’t stop fans of the series from discussing it. Though the consensus originally was that it had to be fake, people noticed more and more small details that would have taken a lot of effort to spoof.

Additionally, a slide show was posted that alleges the son of Aaron Garbut, the head of development at Rockstar North, was directly involved in sourcing this content. This is only according to the account that posted the leaks, however. They claim to know Garbut’s son but that they aren’t him, saying that he’s “the coolest dude I met” in the comments on one of their TikToks.

This user also created a slide show that displayed areas that weren’t present in GTA 5, as well as sports cars that are new to the series, though that’s also been taken down.

Additionally, one fan linked some parts of the footage with faraway buildings in the original leaks, adding yet another layer of validity to this short video’s content.

There have also been screenshots of a conversation with Aaron Garbut himself posted with him allegedly confirming that the leaks are real, with him also confirming that the game will have 3 major cities, four “sub cities”, and that all of them surround a “large lake in the middle of the map.”

Footage of the posts is being rapidly deleted from the internet amidst the chaos, with many who originally thought it was fake now unsure after the sheer amount of proof posted by the azzarossi account.

So, are the leaks real? At this time, there’s too much new content that’s been shown to deny that they’re real. Between the amount of ways that this footage has been linked to prior leaks and Rockstar moving quickly to take down content, there’s good reason to believe that these leaks are legitimate.

Fortunately, the first trailer is just a few days away, so those who are waiting for GTA 6 news have the luxury of waiting just a few days to see the game as its developers intended.

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