GTA 6 fan shows how easy it is to trick people with fake leaks of maps

GTA 6 development detailsRockstar Games/Steam

GTA 6 leaks are popping up left and right, and one fan decided they would join in on the fun… to show just how easy it is to make a fake.

Rockstar promised GTA 6 would “set entertainment benchmarks,” but besides that, not much is known about the upcoming highly anticipated installment.

The developers do not seem too keen on divulging any more information either. Rockstar went as far as banning players from mentioning GTA 6 in a Twitch chat. GTA Online players are grasping for any new details, claiming newly-added shirts could be screenshots from the new game.

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Desperation for news plays right into the hands of one GTA player who decided to fabricate a fake GTA 6 map.

backdrop of los santos city in grand theft auto 5Rockstar Games
There has been plenty of speculation revolving around GTA 6’s map and setting.

GTA 6 fan creates fake map

A Reddit user “created a GTA 6 map menu to help prove how easy it is for people to make high-quality leaks.” The player claimed to make the map design in their free time, taking a week and a half.

The video shows a similar map overlay system to GTA Online but filled with new POI and a new green background.

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One user is sure people will fall for the trap claiming, “Putting money on someone posting this in a few months time claiming they found it on 4chan or the forums.” 

For all we know, this could be an actual GTA 6 leak, as a second player jokingly theorized, “plot twist: They’re a real Rockstar employee, and this is really GTA 6.”

A third player added, “this is cool. This is actually very high quality, amazing work.”

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Fans are eager for any semblance of hope regarding Rockstar’s latest title, and there will surely be similar fake leaks in the future.