Former Rockstar employee denies “absurd” claims GTA 6 will be more inclusive

rockstar employee on GTA 6Rockstar Games

A former Rockstar Games employee doesn’t agree with reports claiming that GTA 6 will be more inclusive and less offensive.

The Grand Theft Auto series has long been an M-rated paradise of obscene violence and debauchery, but some claims have suggested this wouldn’t exactly be the case with GTA 6.

In late July, Bloomberg published a report stating that GTA 6 will include two playable protagonists with one being a Latina female.

The report also claimed that the developers are “being cautious not to ‘punch down’ by making jokes about marginalized groups” and the company’s culture has been completely overhauled.

However, Aaron Stewart-Ahn, who worked on Grand Theft Auto in the past, doesn’t believe that the sixth installment in the series will be any different from its predecessors.

Ex Rockstar employee calls GTA 6 inclusivity reports “cynical”

Taking to Twitter after the report, Stewart-Ahn shut down claims that GTA 6 would be more inclusive.

“As someone who quit working at Rockstar Games after a few months, the report of them making a more inclusive Grand Theft Auto is so absurd & cynical,” he said. “Anyway the Yakuza series is better, way funnier, more humane, and has at least tried to be astonishingly pro-sex worker & LGBTQ.”

Although Stewart-Ahn dismissed the rumors, it’s worth noting that according to IMDB he worked with Rockstar back in 2009 as a voice actor for The Ballad of Gay Tony and Episodes from Liberty City.

GTA Online characters standing in circle holding gunsRockstar Games
GTA 6 will reportedly include a female protagonist.

He is also known for writing episode 1 of The Witcher: Blood Origin and directing the music video for ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’ by Death Cab for Cutie.

While the former employee doesn’t believe GTA 6 will be different from its previous incarnations, Rockstar Games co-founder Jamie King believes the opposite, saying the next GTA will be less “edgy.”

In any case, with Rockstar hard at work on the sixth entry in the popular franchise, hopefully we can get our first glimpse at the game in the months ahead and decide for ourselves if GTA has changed or not.