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Genshin Impact players praise miHoYo for Albedo & Eula simultaneous reruns in update 2.3

Published: 13/Nov/2021 23:16

by Julian Young


In a move that’s been praised by Genshin Impact fans, developer MiHoYo announced the addition of a new event type in update 2.3, Character Event Wish-2, with Albedo and Eula both included in the first such celebration.

Genshin Impact remains a hugely popular franchise more than a year after its release, and is coming off a strong Anniversary Celebration event to cap off that first year of content in the world of Teyvat.

However, Genshin continues to struggle under heavy criticism from its fanbase over various gameplay mechanics — in particular, the game’s rewards (or lack thereof) remain a hot-button topic for even the most hardcore fans.


Despite this, developer MiHoYo scored a win with players by announcing the introduction of Wish-2 events, which will offer a chance to grab two Wishes at once. To top that off, they also announced the return of both Albedo and Eula during the first of these occurrences.

Genshin Impact Hu Tao Character Rerun
Reruns of old characters like Hu Tao are incredibly popular – and MiHoYo is upping the ante.

Genshin players praise MiHoYo for Albedo and Eula reruns

In a November 12 blog post, MiHoYo delighted fans by revealing the new Wish-2 events, which offer players a guaranteed chance to obtain at least one five-star Wish — and the potential to obtain two different characters featured on separate banners during that event.

In addition, they also shared that the first such double offering would feature reruns of Albedo and Eula — a welcome chance for fans to snag at least one of these characters if they haven’t picked them up already.


This announcement was met with an outpouring of gratitude from the Genshin community, with players praising the studio for incorporating additional chances to obtain older characters during these reruns.

Albedo and Eula Rerun with Itto on Update 2.3 from Genshin_Impact

“It’s not like they’re gonna make new characters faster, so we’ll have the same rate of new characters but the reruns will come faster, so less one-year wait times,” one player commented.

“It significantly reduces the FOMO factor if MiHoYo opens the door for more frequent reruns despite the expanding five-star roster,” another fan confirmed.

“This is cool,” a third player remarked, before speculating “Imagine if they have double reruns of characters with great signature weapons. Xiao and Ganyu would be Amos and Jade Spear. Pretty spicy.”


The Genshin Impact community can’t seem to get enough of this new idea from MiHoYo. With both Albedo and Eula on offer during the first Wish-2 event, scheduled to kick off after the 2.3 update drops on November 24, this will be a great opportunity to grab two characters you might have missed before.