Genshin Impact players call for better rewards & Primogems for harder challenges

Beidou in a Genshin Impact DomainmiHoYo

Genshin Impact players want miHoYo to increase the rewards for beating the game’s harder content to make for a more satisfying experience.

Genshin Impact’s new Labyrinth Warriors event has proven to be a huge success, with many players praising the game’s dungeon-style exploration. Unlike other Domains, the Labyrinth Warrior trials see travelers venture through rooms filled with enemies that gradually increase in difficulty. 

Travelers are also accompanied by a non-playable partner called Shiki Taishou. This small warrior provides your team with various buffs (Charm Magic) that will help you clear out each room. Aside from the Spiral Abyss, the new event has given Genshin Impact fans even more challenging content that can often prove incredibly difficult to complete. 

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While this added challenge is a welcome addition to the game’s main story content, Genshin Impact YouTuber Mtashed believes that miHoYo needs to increase the rewards for those who complete the game’s harder challenges. 

Genshin Impact difficulty vs reward

Maguu Kenki in the Spiral AbyssmiHoYo
Genshin Impact’s toughest content can be challenging, but the rewards are rarely worth it.

“[miHoYo] create these really hard things and you can get a pat on the back for sure, but they don’t really reward you for being able to complete them,” explained Mtashed. The YouTuber noted how the 1.6 Legend of the Vagabond Sword event gave players the opportunity to take down bosses on the hardest difficulty, but there was actually no incentive for doing so. 

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In fact, players could claim the bulk of the rewards for just playing on the easiest difficulty. While this is great for accessibility, those wanting to take on harder content often have very little reason to do so in the first place. 

“If there was even just a tiny, tiny reward it might make sense to do it,” said the YouTuber. “But once again with the new event, they made the enemies hit very, very hard… but they don’t even give you any books like all the previous floors. There’s no Primogems, no extra currency, and nothing to get out of the shop. There’s no reason to do it other than the challenge.”

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While the premise of fighting tougher foes might be enough for some players, Mtashed believes that miHoYo is missing out on a major feedback loop. “They have free Primogems for [completing] a minigame [but when] it’s a crazy hard enemy, there’s no reward, there’s nothing.”

The Genshin Impact content creator notes how Artifact grinding would also feel valid as it would enable players to complete challenging content and earn exciting rewards for their efforts. While the Labyrinth Warrior trials has proven miHoYo can make meaningful end-game content, it’s hoped that the developers will increase the prizes for taking down tougher foes in the future.  

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