Genshin Impact players explain why “wasted potential” dungeons need changes

James Busby
Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun outside a Domain

Genshin Impact players want miHoYo to add better dungeons as One-Time Domains and Spiral Abyss continue to disappoint. 

Genshin Impact’s lack of end-game content is proving to be a problem for many players, especially for those that have completed the main story and available side quests. In fact, once these two areas have been wrapped up, there is very little to do in the world of Teyvat

While farming for the best Artifacts and defeating bosses for key Ascension materials will keep you busy for a few hours, it’s far from the end-game grind that Genshin Impact fans had initially hoped for. 

It’s now been a year since the release of Genshin Impact and players are still begging miHoYo to add more difficult content. After all, grinding Domains and completing the same daily quests can get extremely tedious, especially when the next update is months away.

Genshin Impact players call for better dungeons

Genshin Impact character poster
Genshin Impact fans have wanted better end-game content since release.

Aside from the standard Domains that are scattered around Teyvat, Genshin Impact also includes mini-dungeons. Unlike the game’s standard Domains, these One-Time dungeons task players with solving puzzles, fighting enemy-filled rooms, and even using their gliders to reach certain objectives. 

For example, the Domain of the Wayward Path tasks players with using a Geo character to activate five pillars in order to reach the endpoint. However, every pillar that is activated will also change the state of the two adjacent pillars. 

It’s a fairly simple puzzle and one that can be solved fairly quickly, but it does show the potential of what future dungeon content could look like. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these dungeons revolve around killing the same enemy mobs. 

“Dungeons are wasted in general, so many choices to be had with them, yet 90% of dungeon play is just fighting random enemies in a single room/arena,” said quebae. “I agree, some are such wasted experiences,” replied Coincedence.

“Some of the early-game ones had some decent areas with puzzles and mechanics like glider bombing. Would love to see some weekly repeatable puzzle domains.” The fact that these One-Time Domains are never used during story and side quest content has also raised a number of questions in the community. 

In fact, the Inazuma Chapter 2, Act 3 quest recently took players to a Fatui Delusion Factory. This was supposed to be a big reveal in the game’s main story, but instead, players simply entered the site through a small crevice on the side of a mountain. 

“There’s a bunch of perfectly good and largely unutilized Domains with proper entrances, but no, let’s have the characters walk into a random hole in some rocks and use it as a One-Time Domain that you can never go back into again for absolutely no reason at all,” explained monkeyDberzerk

It’s certainly a frustrating issue for the Genshin Impact community, particularly when miHoYo has demonstrated that Domains can feature puzzles and various traversal challenges. We’ll have to wait to see if the developers improve Genshin Impact’s end-game content in the 2.3 and 2.4 updates