Genshin Impact fans demand these changes from miHoYo after Anniversary Event

Genshin Impact NoellemiHoYo

As Genshin Impact celebrates its one-year anniversary, the playerbase has reflected on the current state of the game, and provided a number of areas that they’d like to see improved in the future. 

The Genshin Impact Anniversary Event festivities are in full swing, with miHoYo kicking things off with the Engraved Wishes web event and Moonlight Merriment quests. While the free-to-play title has proven incredibly popular around the world, many players wish to see some major improvements added in the new 2.2 update

Despite the overwhelming positivity surrounding Genshin’s Inazuma release, the game has often come under fire from its community. In fact, the current frustrations surrounding the lackluster anniversary rewards and disappointing 5-star releases have led to players requesting a number of quality of life changes. 

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1. Content roadmap

Genshin Impact 2.1 updatemiHoYo
A detailed roadmap would help dispel any Genshin Impact leaks and rumors.

One of the biggest annoyances Genshin Impact players currently have to deal with is the complete lack of a content roadmap. Currently, the only way to know what events and characters are planned for release is through leaks. 

This obviously isn’t ideal for miHoYo, who has been busy cracking down on various leaker accounts and content creators. While a roadmap will never completely eliminate information from leaking early, it would drastically alleviate the community’s need for them. 

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Popular Genshin Impact YouTuber, Enviosity, also noted that having a detailed roadmap would help players prepare for upcoming content. “Give us a roadmap, tell us what’s going to be coming out in future version updates,” said the streamer. This area would be particularly helpful when players wish to gather resources for upcoming characters. 

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Eviosity notes that miHoYo originally used to give out a small roadmap that detailed all the content in the next update. “Why did they stop doing that? Why can’t they just bring that back? I feel like a roadmap would definitely be the best way to move forward for this anniversary. 

2. Custom loadouts

Genshin Impact loadoutsmiHoYo
Genshin Impact players want to borrow Honkai Impact’s loadout feature.

Another area that has been overlooked in Genshin Impact is the complete lack of custom loadouts. This makes switching out specific Artifact sets and weapons between characters incredibly frustrating. What’s even more surprising is that this feature is available in Honkai Impact 3rd – miHoYo’s older ARPG. 

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“One of the most surprising things that I saw in Honkai was the existence of a loadout system called Plans, said Redditor Oxabolt. It’s basically a loadout system that saves your weapon and stigmata set. This is a system that would be a major QOL change to Genshin, considering most people don’t have the time to farm perfectly rolled artifact sets and upgraded weapons for every single character. 

Having to manually swap between Artifacts isn’t particularly intuitive, especially when you only have one good set you wish to utilize. This small addition would certainly get rid of lof frustration. 

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3. In-game login rewards

Genshin Impact login rewardsmiHoYo
The Anniversary Event rewards give Genshin Impact players free Wishes.

While miHoYo is currently running an in-game login reward as part of its Anniversary Event, the developers have neglected this area. Instead of logging into the game and being rewarded with items, players currently have to login into the official Genshin Impact website. 

“Having to go to another website as part of a daily routine can turn people off,” said Oxabolt.  “Luckily the rewards aren’t that massive in Genshin so we don’t lose out.” The meager rewards on offer have been a big point of anger among the playerbase, particularly when other less successful free-to-play titles are more generous with their items. 

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4. Replayable end-game content

Spiral AbyssmiHoYo
Genshin Impact fans have wanted proper end-game content since release.

This point is arguably the biggest request from the Genshin Impact community and has been discussed since the game’s initial release. Once the main story and available side quests have been completed, there is very little for players to do. 

In fact, the current end-game content revolves around farming Artifacts, defeating overworld bosses, and completing daily missions. As you’d expect, trudging through this content can get extremely tedious, especially when the next update could be months away. 

Enviosity noted that he’d love to see “a roguelike dungeon or something like Spiral Abyss” added to the game. Players would “start from floor 1 and try and go all the way up to floor 100 or infinite.” He explained that you’d “take one buff and one debuff, [to] handicap yourself, to make it challenging for you.” 

The YouTuber also noted that he’d love to see the Windtrace event return, which was a fun hide-and-seek mini-game that proved incredibly popular. “I had so much fun playing Windtrace, it was one of the greatest events ever. There were so many shenanigans, you could play with your friends, you could play with other people. It was just an overall good time.” 

Whether miHoYo will add any of these changes in the future remains to be seen, but for now, the Genshin Impact community will have to see what the upcoming 2.2 update will bring