Genshin Impact players demand event weapon changes in 2.4 update

James Busby
Shenhe in Liyue

Genshin Impact players want miHoYo to rerelease event-exclusive weapons, which would enable new travelers to gain access to some incredibly strong items. 

While Genshin Impact’s rerun banners take the spotlight when it comes to the game’s rereleases, a number of players want miHoYo to add a way for event weapons to be obtained again. Not only are event weapons fairly strong, they usually have unique designs that set them apart from common items. 

Currently, weapons like the Festering Desire and Luxurious Sea-Lord are no longer available in Genshin Impact. Like every event weapon, both this sword and claymore were locked behind limited-time quests. While the requirements to obtain event weapons are fairly simple, not every player will always have the chance to secure these exclusive weapons. 

Genshin Impact players call for changes to event weapons

Genshin Impact’s event invariably reward players with exclusive items.

Unlike Genshin Impact’s character rerun banners, the game’s weapon banners have yet to include any event items. While this isn’t exactly a problem for veteran travelers who have played the game since launch, new players who want to get their hands on past event weapons have no way to do so. 

“I think it’s time to give other people a chance,” explained one player. “My idea is that [miHoYo] add all the event weapons to the free tier of the battle pass, with each weapon being added in the patch following the event it was obtainable in. It’s not ideal, since it’d take a long time to R5 weapons, but it’s still free and makes playing the event the best time to max it out.”

Luxurious Sea-Lord
The Luxurious Sea-Lord claymore is one of the most unique weapons in Genshin Impact.

As of writing, there are five event weapons that are no longer available to obtain in Genshin Impact. This will obviously come as a disappointment to new travelers looking to get some powerful weapons, but that hasn’t stopped the community from coming up with ideas for how they could return. 

“There are three possible choices,” commented another player. “Add them to limited gatcha weapons, make them rewards for fishing like the catch, or have them rerun for challenges on future relevant events.” 

It’s important to note that Genshin Impact’s 2.2 update added the ability for players to purchase past event gadgets, so it’s not all that unlikely that miHoYo will eventually give travelers the chance to claim event weapons once again. Hopefully, Genshin Impact’s upcoming 2.4 and 2.5 updates solve this issue.