Disguised Toast’s first-ever Genshin Impact stream hits his wallet hard

Disguised Toast and Arataki IttoDisguised Toast/miHoYo

Disguised Toast has finally made his Genshin Impact debut, but the popular content creator has already spent the big bucks on the game’s Arataki Itto banner. 

Genshin Impact is home to plenty of colorful characters, but travelers that want to get their hands on the best 5-star units need to roll on the game’s banners. While miHoYo’s free-to-play title may not cost anything to play, unlocking new characters can cost a lot of money, particularly if you don’t get lucky or simply run out of Primogems.

The latest 5-star character that is proving incredibly popular amongst the Genshin Impact community is Arataki Itto. Not only has Itto’s Oni-inspired design captivated travelers, but his high-damage abilities also make him one of the best Genshin Impact characters. 

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As a result, many players have been spending their Intertwined Fates to unlock him. Even Popular Twitch streamer, Disguised Toast, recently kicked off his first-ever Genshin Impact stream by spending big on the new Arataki Itto banner. 

Disguised Toast spends big on Genshin Impact’s Arataki Itto banner

Arataki Itto official splash artmiHoYo
Arataki Itto’s banner has proven incredibly popular.

After going through the game’s prologue and spending his free Acquaint Fates on Genshin Impact’s Beginners’ wish banner, Disguised Toast discovered the new Arataki Itto banner. It’s here where players can roll for a chance to secure the 5-star Geo character and the Geo bow user, Gorou

However, Toast quickly found that he didn’t have any Intertwined Fates or Primogems to spend on his banner. “Guess I’ll take out my credit card, I’ll do it,” he states.  “I don’t want to use Genesis Crystal, I would like to use cash, the number one currency in the city of Mondstadt. Money!”

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Disguised Toast quickly went over to the cash shop and saw the 6,480 Genesis Crystal bundle, which can be purchased for $99.99. The streamer comically looked down at his credit card smiled at the chat.

“So begins my journey of becoming the most powerful Genshin player,” explained Toast as he began to enter his credit card details into the site. Once he claimed his premium prize, the streamer then began to spend his newly acquired Intertwined Fates on the Arataki Itto banner. 

However, he quickly discovered that Genshin Impact’s banners don’t come with any guarantees. In fact, it was only after the streamer had spent 80 of his 81 Intertwined Fates that he finally unlocked Arataki Itto. “Damn, he’s so rare that his entry banner takes up the whole screen.” 

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With Arataki Itto unlocked, Disguised Toast certainly has a strong start to Genshin Impact and we look forward to seeing how his adventures through Teyvat unfold.