All XDefiant Factions and their abilities

some characters from XDefiantUbisoft

Wondering how many factions are there in XDefiant and what their abilities are? Our handy hub has listed all of them in Ubisoft’s latest free-to-play FPS, along with their abilities and the franchises they represent.

Ubisoft is here to present its latest original title, XDefiant. Featuring characters from several Ubisoft releases over the past few years, this arena shooter is absolutely free to play. After a closed beta session in April, the devs are back with an open beta session along with XDefiant Twitch drops for the fans.

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XDefiant is a fresh experience for fans of the FPS genre and Ubisoft enthusiasts alike. It’s a great new option for players who love fast-paced gameplay like Call of Duty. The factions you choose from are something that you really need to know before hitting the game because there are a lot of them.

Here’s a rundown of all the factions along with their abilities and powers in the game.


XDefiant betaUbisoft
The factions come with sets of unique abilities.

What are factions in XDefiant?

Factions in XDefiant are basically groups of three agents. These agents or characters hail from different games made by Ubisoft. Some of the franchises these agents belong to are Far Cry 6, Watch Dogs 2, as well as Tom Clancy’s universe like The Division and Splinter Cell.

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How many factions are there in XDefiant?

There are a total of five factions in XDefiant. Here’s a rundown of all five factions and their roles in the game:

  • Cleaners: The Pyro Technicians (The Division)
  • Echelon: The Super Spies (Splinter Cell)
  • Libertad: The Freedom Fighters (Far Cry 6)
  • Phantoms: The Future Soldiers (Ghost Recon Phantoms)
  • Dedsec: The Cyber Attackers (Watch Dogs 2)

Each of these factions is equipped with various abilities and powers which we have discussed below.

Abilities of factions in XDefiant


Kersey, one of the Cleaners in XDefiantUbisoft
  • Active Abilities: Firebomb, Incinerator Drone
  • Passive Trait: Incendiary Rounds
  • Ultra Ability: The Purifier

Cleaners are from The Division’s universe and also the Pyro Technicians in XDefiant. They are quite fiery as their equipment can burn everything in their path. Their active abilities can wreak havoc, dealing a ton of aerial and burn damage.

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However, their passive trait adds to the fire damage but comes at a cost of a reduced range of bullets. Their ultra ability brings out a flamethrower – fulfilling their roles of sanitation and cleaning from The Division’s lore. This faction is perfect for players who have an aggressive and bold playstyle.


Malee, one of the Echelons in XDefiantUbisoft
  • Active Abilities: Digital Ghillie Suit, Intel Suit
  • Passive Trait: Low Profile
  • Ultra Ability: Sonar Goggles

Echelons are the Super Spies from Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell franchise. Their active abilities can either make them nearly invisible or can reveal the position of enemies through periodic sonar waves. The passive traits help them to remain undetected in the opponent’s minimap.

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Their ultra ability helps to reveal enemies and hunt them down using Sam Fisher’s iconic 5.7 pistol. Do you like to play stealthily and flank and outplay players? Then this faction is perfect for you.


Iselda, one of the Libertads in XDefiantUbisoft
  • Active Abilities: BioVida Boost, El Remedio
  • Passive Trait: Espiritu de Libertad
  • Ultra Ability: Medico Supremo

The Libertads hail from Far Cry 6 and are the healers or medics in XDefiant. Their active abilities heal both the player and their allies for a limited time period. The passive trait works in a similar fashion but at a way slower rate.

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The ultra ability provides a large boost of health for a limited period of time. This faction is perfect for players who want to go on killing sprees without thinking about their HP.


Singa, one of the Phantoms in XDefiantUbisoft
  • Active Abilities: Blitz Shield, Mag Barrier
  • Passive Trait: Hardened
  • Ultra Ability: Aegis

The Future Soldiers from Ghost Recon Phantoms are the epitome of defense in XDefiant. Their active abilities can either equip a shield or electromagnetic barriers that can block enemy fire and projectiles like grenades.

The Hardened passive trait results in increased health of these agents while their ultra ability creates a spherical plasma shield that is perfect for close-range combat.

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Sebastian from Dedsec faction in XDefiantUbisoft
  • Active Abilities: Hijack, Spiderbot
  • Passive Trait: Fabricator
  • Ultra Ability: Lockout

The Dedsec faction are the Cyber Attackers from Watch Dogs 2 and you guessed it right – they can hack opponent’s gadgets, causing them to backfire as a surprise element. They are not a part of the game in closed beta and will arrive with the release of Season 1 later down the line.

So, there you have it — that’s a rundown of everything about factions in XDefiant. Be sure to check our gaming page to keep yourself updated with all the latest news.

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