Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Graces sets: How to get & bonuses explained

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has a ton of armor sets and weapons for players to find, but Graces are as rare as they come and offer vast improvements to both, so let’s go through every set and how you can go about getting them.

The diversity and complexity of building your loadout is one of the intriguing aspects of a Souls game, and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty possesses as much depth as any title in the genre.

Taking inspiration from Team Ninja’s Nioh roots, Wo Long features tons of different armor sets and various weapons to choose from. Some feature useful abilities, and some are just generally better when it comes to protecting your life or dishing out the damage.

None more so than the Graces sets which are exceedingly hard to come by in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but if you do, they should serve you well.

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What are Wo Long Graces sets?

Grace sets represent some of the game’s most effective ways of defending yourself and maximizing damage output – especially if you accumulate several items in the same set.

In total, there are nine different Graces sets in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and finding individual items can be tricky enough, let alone completing a full set.

How to get Graces sets in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Sadly, there are no guaranteed methods when it comes to obtaining Grace gear, the only way to earn it in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is through sheer luck and farming. Another important detail to note is that gear with Graces attached only have the chance to turn up once you’ve finished the game and started New Game+.

So once you’ve begun a fresh playthrough, you’re going to need to stack your build with Luck-heavy gear and tinker with your gear to also increase your Luck. From there, kill quick and easy bosses and hope that the RG gods are on your side with item drops.

zhang liang boss in wo long fallen dynasty

Every Wo Long Graces set

As we’ve mentioned already, there are nine different Graces sets, and finding them is no easy task. If you want a heads-up on what to look out for, here is the name of every set:

  • Grace of Lingbao Tianzun the Pure One (Principle of Lingbao)
  • Grace of Yianshi Tianzun the Pure One (Principle of Yuanshi)
  • Grace of Daode Tianzun the Pure One (Principle of Daode)
  • Grace of Shennong the Red Emperor (Subtlety of Fire)
  • Grace of Taihao the Azure Emperor (Subtlety of Wood)
  • Grace of Xuanyuan the Yellow Emperor (Subtlety of Earth)
  • Grace of Shaohao the White Emperor (Subtlety of Metal)
  • Grace of Zhuanxu the Black Emperor (Subtlety of Water)
  • Grace of the Supreme Heavenly Emperor (Skyward Majesty)

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