How to get Genuine Qi fast in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty wants players to get their hands on Genuine Qi instead of Runes or Blood Echoes, and we’ve got the fastest ways to do so in Team Ninja’s newest action-adventure Souls game.

As with all Soulslike titles, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has a main resource that players need to collect in order to level up their character – in this case, Genuine Qi.

It may have a different name, but the premise is simple, you explore the game to obtain as much of it as you can, with the overriding goal being not to lose it and invest it in your character’s stats.

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If you’re new to Souls games or just want some advice on how to manage the procurement of Genuine Qi much better, then we have the fastest ways for you to do so in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Fastest ways to get Genuine Qi in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

A few of these methods will be familiar to fans of Nioh and Souls games in general, but your time with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will become much easier if you adopt the fastest ways to earn Genuine Qi.

Always remember as well that if you die and are unable to best the enemy that killed you, then you will permanently lose half of the Genuine Qi you currently own.

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Smash open boxes marked with yellow

In every single Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty level, you’ll find a group of stacked boxes or environmental objects in close proximity to one another marked with yellow – if you see them, smash them.

Lots of the time these specially marked items will contain absolutely nothing, however, every now and again there will be some items inside, and they may contain some Genuine Qi consumables.

Genuine Qi items

This moves us on nicely to Genuine Qi pick-ups. These are one-time consumables that will instantly reward you with a fixed sum of Genuine Qi and the amount varies depending on which type you find.

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For example, a Genuine Qi Flake can only be redeemed for 100 Genuine Qi, whereas a Genuine Qi Clot will dish out a whopping 1,000 Genuine Qi.

They will be dotted around as loot for killing enemies, general items you can find if you explore hard enough, and also inside the aforementioned yellow boxes.

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Killing and farming enemies

The easiest method of achieving Genuine Qi is to quite simply roam around the level you’re in and butcher everything in sight. Depending on the Morale rank of the foe and their size and strength, you will earn differing sums of Genuine Qi from each one.

It hardly needs to be said that overcoming bosses will also hand out a full chunk of Genuine Qi, but that will come naturally as you progress through the game.

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If you feel a tiny bit under-leveled or are struggling and need a bit more health, then there’s no shame in wiping out enemies in the vicinity, resting at a Battle Flag, and then killing the same respawning enemies again to farm Genuine Qi.

Equip armor and weapons with Genuine Qi bonuses

Virtually all weapons and armor in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty have multiple different Special Effects ranging from Spirit Damage bonuses to giving your base health an extra HP boost.

If you’re after additional Genuine Qi though, then there are a couple of useful bonuses that will help your hunt for Genuine Qi.

Genuine Qi Loss Upon Death will ensure that you lose a tiny bit less Genuine Qi than normal if you should meet death, and Genuine Qi Obtention will increase how much you will get compared to usual.

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Maintain your Genuine Qi

We know this isn’t a direct way of increasing your Genuine Qi totals, but absolutely do not underestimate the loss you will experience if you die and do not retrieve your lost Genuine Qi.

Aside from monitoring your health and using your best judgment to determine whether or not going into another battle could potentially kill you, you can also use Talismanic Water to help you out.

Here is the official description of the item: “This water has had a talismanic paper imbued with magic soaked in it. Use this and you will not lose Genuine Qi when you next die.”

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