Wo Long Fallen Dynasty stats explained: How to plan your best build

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty allows for different best builds to create using the game’s upgrade point system – so let’s run through the game’s main stats, how they work, and see what you should prioritize in Wo Long.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, just like in any other major Souls game such as Elden Ring, encourages players to experiment to create a ‘best build’. A large number of factors will determine this such as how strong you are, how resilient you are, which elements you’re resistant to and much more.

Finding and spending Genuine Qi is the way to upgrade the Five Phases that the game promotes so heavily, and each phase focuses on a different area of your characteristics.

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So without further ado, let’s run through Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s five elements to see what they do and what you should upgrade.


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Best stats to level up in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Across the five virtues in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, leveling up each one is always guaranteed to give you more health, but for the most health, Wood Phase offers the most considerable health boost. Not only that, but it also increases two primary stats and provides various other buffs and tiny nerfs.

The Fire Phase is the main source for increasing your overall power levels for your weapons and earning more Spirit for attacking.

Players will predominantly spend their upgrade points on these two areas, but let’s show you why the other phases are perfectly viable.

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Wood Phase in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

If you want a lot of HP to be able to contend with tough bosses, then Wood Phase is most definitely going to be one of the main virtues you will need to pay particular attention to in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Not only that, but you become quite well-rounded in terms of your overall defense and tolerances, and some of the game’s best Wizardry abilities can be found in the Wood Phase tier too.

  • Increases max HP
  • Increases Spirit Defense
  • Increases Spell Duration
  • Increases Wood Affinity
  • Increases Earth Resistance
  • Decreases Metal Resistance

Fire Phase in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Fire Phase is best for those players who want a lot of points in their attacking stats to dish out more damage. If you’ve nailed the game’s deflection system and have some strong armor, then it only makes sense to optimize your damage output and quickly earn as much Spirit as possible during a battle.

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Investing in Fire Phase will also reduce the cost of Martial Arts skills, which are great to use at the end of a combo, and the powerful Flame Weapon Wizardry skill requires 12 virtue points to be accessible.

  • Increases HP
  • Increases Spirit Gain Rate for Attacking
  • Decreases Spirit Consumption Rate for Martial Arts
  • Increases Fire Affinity
  • Increases Metal Resistance
  • Decreases Water Resistance
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Earth Phase in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long’s Earth Phase is best used for its ability to decrease your overall Max Equipment Weight, and this has a lot of significance. The heavier the armor you wear and your selected equipment as a whole, the more your mobility and Spirit will suffer – so try to keep this low.

Additionally, another huge benefit to investing in Earth Phase is that it will make deflecting even more beneficial for you. Given that many bosses, such as Zhang Liang, require a ton of patience and deflecting to take down, this could be an area worth keeping an eye on.

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  • Increases HP
  • Increases Spirit Gain Rate for Deflecting
  • Increases Max Equipment Weight
  • Increases Earth Affinity
  • Increases Water Resistance
  • Decreases Wood Resistance

Metal Phase in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

While Metal Phase is quite possibly the least-effective phase of the five, depending on your playstyle, it does have some top qualities such as the ability to reduce the cost of Wizardry spells. If using them more frequently is your game, then it would be wise to raise this virtue as soon as you can.

Also, the Metal Phase will also help you to maintain your accumulated Spirit levels and stop them from plummeting so quickly, allowing you to store a bit of Spirit to launch stronger attacks at the right moment.

  • Increases HP
  • Increases Spirit Stability
  • Decreases Spirit Consumption Rate for Wizardry Spells
  • Increases Metal Affinity
  • Increases Wood Resistance
  • Decreases Fire Resistance

Water Phase in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Outside of fierce combat, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty does place a certain amount of emphasis on stealth, and Water Phase will allow you to sneak up on enemies with a lot more stealth and finesse. As an added bonus, if you level up this area quite quickly, then you’ll have access to the Unseeable Form Wizardry ability that temporarily makes you invisible – an invaluable asset.

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As well as this, if you find yourself someone with less confidence in your deflecting and need to absorb a few hits, then you lose less Spirit for doing so if you upgrade the Water Phase.

  • Increases HP
  • Increases Stealth
  • Decreases Spirit Consumption Rate for Deflect
  • Increases Water Affinity
  • Increases Fire Resistance
  • Decreases Earth Resistance

You should have a lot of knowledge about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s various phases now and have a better idea of which stats you should concentrate on upgrading. For more on the game, we have some extra guides down below for you to check out:

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