Best Wave of Light build in The First Descendant: Best modules, Descendants & weapon stats

James Lynch
Wave of Light in The First Descendant

Scout Rifles provide a nice balance between range and impact, capable of outputting competitive DPS in The First Descendant. Wave of Light is one of the best examples of this, so here’s everything you need to know about getting the most out of the gun.

We put Wave of Light in the B-Tier in our recent list of the Ultimate Weapons in The First Descendant. Though it’s not able to keep up with Assault Rifles and SMGs in terms of raw damage output, the increased range does make it a much safer player.

In addition, it’s a lot easier to consistently hit Weak Points, which can play perfectly into Descendant abilities and the loadouts of your teammates. With all of that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Wave of Light.

How to unlock Wave of Light Ultimate Weapon

Wave of Light in The Final Descendant
  • Wave of Light Polymer Syncytium
    • 62x Monad Shard
    • 73x Flectorite
    • 12x Negative Ion Particle
    • Wave of Light Polymer Syncytium Blueprint
  • Wave of Light Synthetic Fiber
    • 143x Superfluid
    • 72x Semi-Permanent Plasma
    • 10x Positive Ion Particle
    • Wave of Light Synthetic Fiber Blueprint
  • Wave of Light Nano Tube
    • 108x Silicon
    • 91x Nanopolymers
    • 9x Cooling Metallic Foil
    • Wave of Light Nano Tube Blueprint
  • Wave of Light Blueprint
  • 100,000 Gold

After collecting all the materials needed, head over and speak to Anais in Albion. Pay the 100,000 Gold and collect the Wave of Light research quest, then wait four hours for the weapon to unlock fully.

Be aware that Wave of Light isn’t available until Mastery Rank 10, so make sure you have leveled up enough before starting.

Wave of Light stats

  • Stats: 
    • ATK: 76
    • Fire Rate: 249
    • Reload Time: 2.2 seconds
    • Splendor: After reloading, it grants the unique ability of Solar Halo. On hitting an enemy while Solar Halo is active, inflict Lunar Halo on the target enemy with a set chance.

It’s important to note that the stats above act as a Level 1 baseline for the weapon. All can be changed via the use of modules and leveling the weapon up, so the stats are best used as a comparison point to other Level 1 weapons of the same type.

Best Descendant for Wave of Light

Bunny in The First Descendant

Wave of Light is the ultimate generalist weapon and is entirely suitable for any Descendant as a result. That said, the best option in terms of synergy is Bunny, and you should have a blast using the two in tandem.

Bunny’s impressive movement speed and traversal prowess should enable you to get into the position to hit Weak Points continuously. This will allow you to get the most out of your DPS rotation when Wave of Light is involved.

Best Modules

Weak Point ExpansionMalachiteOn Weak Point hit, Weak Point damage +X% (15s Cooldown)Ultimate
Rifling ReinforcementMalachiteFirearm ATK +X%Normal
MarksmanAlmandineFirearm Critical Hit Rate +X%, Firearm ATK +X%Rare
Fire Rate UpMalachiteFire Rate +X%Normal
Action and ReactionMalachiteFirearm ATK +X%, Recoil +X%Rare
Consume MagazinesCeruleanReload Time Modifier +X%, Weak Point Damage +X%Rare
Hit Rate InsightRutileAccuracy +X%, Firearm Critical Hit Rate +X%Rare
Better InsightAlmandineFirearm Critical Hit Rate +X%Normal
Better ConcentrationAlmandineFirearm Critical Hit Damage +X%Normal
Weak Point InsightMalachiteWeak Point Damage +X%, Firearm Critical Hit Rate +X%Rare
Weak Point SightMalachiteWeak Point Damage +X%Normal

That’s our complete guide to the weapon! If you’re looking to build around this gun, then our Bunny guide will prove useful.

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