Best Python Instinct build in The First Descendant: Best modules, Descendants & weapon stats

James Lynch

The First Descendant has a lot of different guns to choose from, and there should be something out there for most playstyles. The Python Instinct SMG is sitting at the top of the pile right now as the best gun of its type and one of the strongest in the game overall.

The gun secured a coveted position in the S-Tier in our guide to the Ultimate weapons in The First Descendant, and it’s more than deserving of that spot. Its Unique Ability allows it to deal even more damage, inflicting the Prey debuff on enemies, lowering their Toxic resistance by 10% per stack.

Ammo is easy to find and you should have no trouble incorporating Python Instict as a mainstay of your loadout. With all of that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about the gun, including how to obtain it.

How to unlock Python Instinct Ultimate Weapon

Before you can unlock Python Instinct, you’ll need to unlock a fairly substantial amount of Research Materials. The list of everything you need is as follows:

  • 1x Python Polymer Syncytium
    • 97x Hardener
    • 91x Nanopolymers
    • 11x Crystal Biogel
    • Python Polymer Synctium Blueprint
    • 50,000 Gold
  • 1x Python Synthetic Fiber
    • 108x Silicon
    • 73x Flectorite
    • 10x Positive Ion Particle
    • Python Synthetic Fiber Blueprint
  • 1x Python Nano Tube
    • 62x Monad Shard
    • 102x Ceramic Composite
    • 8x Conductive Metallic Foil
    • Python Nano Tube Blueprint
  • 1x Python Blueprint
  • 100,000 Gold

Each of the major components for the gun needs to be crafted using the materials underneath. These can be earned by unlocking certain regions or running activities like Void Intercept.

After you have collected everything you need, speak to Anais in Albion. Pay 100,000 Gold to unlock the Python Instinct research quest and wait four hours for it to unlock.

Unfortunately, the research only becomes available at Mastery Rank 10, so you may have to grind out some levels before speaking to Anais.

Python Instinct stats

  • Stats: 
    • ATK: 21
    • Fire Rate: 923
    • Reload Time: 1.5 seconds
    • Python Instinct: On hitting an enemy’s Weak Point, it inflicts the unique ability Prey on the target enemy.

It’s important to note that these are the baseline stats for the weapon. In The First Descendant, weapons can be leveled up and improved, as well as having their stats altered by modules and skills. These figures should be used as a baseline to compare the weapon to others in the game at Level 1.

Best Descendant for Python Instinct

Freyna in The First Descendant

Overall, Freyna is the strongest Descendant choice for the Python Instinct. This is largely due to her heavy focus on dealing Toxic damage. As mentioned earlier, hitting an enemy’s Weak Spot with the gun causes the Prey effect, which reduces resistance to Toxic damage by 10% per stack.

Additionally, Python Instinct itself is an excellent damage dealer, and it synergizes well to fill in the gaps in Freyna’s damage-over-time approach. That said, Python Instinct is an effective gun in the hands of any Descendant, and it should be your first port of call if you’re looking to play with an SMG.

Best Modules

These are the best modules for Python Instinct:

Sweeping SquadMalachiteWhen defeating an enemy, Firearm ATK +X% for 5s at a 33% chance (up to 3 Stacks)Ultimate
SharpshooterMalachiteFirearm ATK +X%, Firearm Critical Hit Rate +X%Rare
Insight FocusAlmandineFirearm Critical Hit Rate +X%, Firearm Critical Hit Damage +X%Rare
Weak Point InsightMalachiteWeak Point Damage +X%, Firearm Critical Hit Rate +X%Rare
Weak Point SightMalachiteWeak Point Damage +X%Normal
Rifling ReinforcementMalachiteFirearm ATK +X%Normal
Better ConcentrationAlmandineFirearm Critical Hit Damage +X%Normal
Better InsightAlmandineFirearm Critical Hit Rate +X%Normal
Action and ReactionMalachiteFirearm ATK +X%, Recoil +X%Rare
Bullet RainXanticFire Rate +X%, Firearm ATK +X%Rare
Toxic EnhancementRutileAdds Toxic ATK equal to X% of Firearm ATKNormal

That’s our complete guide to the weapon! If you’re looking to build around this gun, then our Freyna guide will prove useful. If you’re looking for a change, check out our AjaxBunny, GleyKyleLepic, and Valby guides.