Top 7 Scary games on Xbox Game Pass to try in 2022

scary games on xboxEA / Microsoft

Some horror games stay with you long after the credits roll. Here are some of the best scary games on Xbox Game Pass to try in 2022.

Horror games have seen something of a renaissance in the past few years. Not only have we seen remakes announced for classics such as Resident Evil 4, but we’ve also had a wave of new scary games, many of which are available through services such as Xbox Game Pass.

There are now more scary games on Xbox Game Pass than ever before. This means committed horror fans should go and download them immediately if they’re looking for a spooky night in. Here is a selection of scary games that chilled us to the bone, be warned though, none are for those of a nervous disposition!

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Deadspace Necromorph

Dead Space

Dead Space utilizes a setting similar to Alien, body horror that channels The Thing, and gameplay that’s reminiscent of Resident Evil. Its sequels got bigger and louder, but the original Dead Space stands out as a horror classic.

The game is one engineer’s mission to explore a derelict space station and make it functional again. The only problem is a deadly alien virus has turned the crew into mutated undead monsters called nercomorphs.

Not only does the game deliver an intense survival horror experience, but it also piles on the pressure with dark psychological moments that drive its protagonist, Isaac, to the edge of sanity. Isaac hallucinates throughout the game until the line between real and imaginary is blurred. The game is also being remade for current-gen, so it will get to terrify and confuse a new generation of horror fans.

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

hellblade protagonist with burning treeNinja Theory
Hellblade is a deeply disturbing psychological journey

Hellblade isn’t like the other games on this list in that it’s not really a horror game. It’s more of an action-adventure akin to Ninja Theories’ previous titles, especially at first glance. Yet it still manages to be terrifying.

The story involves a Celtic warrior trying to retrieve the soul of her dead lover. As the game progresses, it starts to toy with the player’s expectations in a way usually seen in horror titles.

By the end, Hellblade has explored mental illness in a way few games have been brave enough to tackle. To properly represent Senua’s psychosis, the developers consulted actual neuroscientists, mental health doctors, and people suffering from the same condition to tell an authentic story.

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Alien Isolation

alien isolation survival gamesCreative Assembly
The Alien could be lurking anywhere.

As Ridley Scott showed us in 1979, being trapped on a dark spaceship while you’re being hunted by an intelligent, ruthless, relentless, near-invincible Alien is still the scariest thing ever. This is not a game where Xenomorphs are mindless cannon fodder, this thing will stalk you until the credits roll – regardless of what you throw at it.

Alien Isolation is a true survival horror experience and remains of the best scary games on Xbox Game Pass. If you enjoy the Alien franchise, especially the first movie, then give this a try. In space, no one can hear you scream, but your neighbors will.

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We Happy Few

We Happy Few gameplayCompulsion Games
Don’t get caught by those still on the happy drugs – they can be murderous.

We Happy Few is an incredibly novel concept, and at times, an absolutely bone-chilling one. The premise is that society has utterly collapsed into the worst form of totalitarianism, and the only way to escape it is for the population to remain deliriously high on happiness drugs – all the time.

The player takes the role of a citizen who’s off the drug and sees things for how they really are, and it’s bleak. As a result, the powers that be, and the drugged population, hunt you down intent on your murder. Or you could go back to ignorance being bliss?

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Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood cleaner aims at wall.Turtle Rock Studios
The modern graphics help lift Back 4 Blood’s immersive gameplay.

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead games. It plays in many of the same ways but takes advantage of modern gaming innovations to deliver an even better zombie blasting experience either solo or with friends.

While most of the game is a frantic bullet and blood-soaked battle against the undead hordes, Back 4 Blood is also remarkably atmospheric. While the game is far from a survival horror title, fans of that sub-genre will still dig it.


SadSquare StudioSadSquare Studio
Visage slowly ramps up the horror as the story goes on.

While no longer an Xbox exclusive, Visage is still one of the scariest games available on Xbox Game Pass. Players control Dwayne Anderson as he explores a spooky old house and learns about the creepy denizens that lived there.

It’s a first-person horror game and feels a lot like PT and Resident Evil 7 at times, although the game’s emphasis is on storytelling and atmosphere rather than combat. Dwayne might not like what he uncovers in the house and will need to work hard to stay sane.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by daylightBehaviour Interactive
Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 is now available in Dead by Daylight.

Those who love multiplayer games and horror will adore Dead by Daylight. The game pits a group of survivors against a variety of vicious killers from across popular culture. Be it running away from Ghost Face, Micheal Myers, or Pinhead. Dead by Daylight is the ultimate game of hide and seek.

Running away from the killers is a tense experience and the thrill of surviving a round never gets old. However, when you’re the one putting on the mask and hunting the other players – that’s then the real fun begins.

So there you have it, the 7 most scary games on Xbox Game Pass in 2022.

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