Back 4 Blood Tunnels of Terror DLC: Release date, gameplay trailer, new enemies

Back 4 BloodWarner Bros

Back 4 Blood’s first DLC, Tunnels of Terror – Expansion 1 has been revealed. Here’s everything we know about our return to Back 4 Blood.

Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios have revealed the first trailer for Back 4 Blood – Expansion 1: Tunnels of Terror, showing off the all-new Cleaners, enemies, and weapons. This is the first major DLC for the game, but likely won’t be the last due to it being labeled as “Expansion 1.”

Back 4 Blood is of course the spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series and involves 4 co-op players blasting their way through a zombie-infested city to reach safety. Here’s everything we know about the new Back 4 Blood DLC, including when it will release, and what’s in store for those of us who want to dive back into some zombie shooting action.

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shredder back 4 bloodWarner Bros
The Shredder is one of the new enemies in the Back 4 Blood DLC.

Does the Back 4 Blood DLC have a release date?

The Back 4 Blood Tunnels of Terror DLC will release on April 12, 2022, on all existing platforms. This includes PC, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4.

All new content will be available as part of the Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition, Deluxe Edition, through the Annual Pass, or via standalone purchase.

Back 4 Blood weaponsWarner Bros
Some of the new DLC weapons look great fun for slaying zombies!

Tunnels of Terror DLC trailer

You can check out the brand-new trailer for the Back 4 Blood DLC below:


New gameplay & story details

The gameplay trailer introduces two new playable Cleaners, the first being the axe-wielding Sharice. This former firefighter is known for her “defensive prowess,” so likely has a few buffs up her sleeve.

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The second new Cleaner is Heng, a “tough as nails, no-nonsense restaurateur” who’s skilled with bladed weapons like knives. So, if you’ve ever wanted to slay zombies as a Gordon Ramsey-type character, this is the closest you’re likely to get.

We’ll also get to experience new PvE areas known as Ridden Hives. These undead infested areas can be cleared out by up to 4 players and will feature new enemies known as Warped Ridden.

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Sharice Back 4 BloodWarner Bros
Sharice and Heng are the new playable Cleaners.

New Ridden enemies and weapons

The new Ridden enemies include the landmine-setting Urchins, Shredders, and Rippers. These new zombie monstrosities will also be playable in the PvP Swarm mode once they are unlocked, as will the new Cleaners.

The DLC will also bring 7 new legendary weapons, 8 exclusive new character skins, 12 new weapon skins, new cards, and more. While not part of the DLC, the new No Hope difficulty will release alongside it in a free update for all Back 4 Blood players.

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All content from the Tunnels of Terror DLC will be accessible by all players in a party, as long as one player has purchased the expansion. This will mean there shouldn’t be any issues with matchmaking between players once the DLC arrives.

So that’s everything we know so far about the Back 4 Blood DLC. For more on the biggest upcoming releases, check out our pages on some of the most-anticipated games that have been announced:

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