Pokemon Go bug ruins Giratina Raid after player digs too deep

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One Pokemon Go player decided to experiment with a known bug during a Giratina raid battle which ended up costing them the battle.

Pokemon Go has plenty of known bugs, ranging from strange graphical glitches to UI elements popping up where they’re not supposed to.

Unfortunately, some of these glitches can cause some unintended effects, resulting in wasted time and loss of opportunity to catch some rare Pokemon.

Now, one player missed out on the chance to catch a Giratina after experimenting with a known glitch during a Raid Battle.

Pokemon Go player loses Giratina due to bug

Reddit user LoganDoove made a post on TheSilphRoad subreddit with the caption “Pokémon Go pro tip: if you notice a bug in the game, DO NOT keep digging to see how far it goes.”

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Logan attached a video with the post that showed them engaged in Raid Battle with a Giratina. However, trainers should quickly notice some UI elements that aren’t supposed to be there.

Despite being in a Raid Battle, Logan was able to access the main menu and map screen during battle. This is a known bug within the game that usually doesn’t cause any issues provided players ignore it.

However, Logan admittedly tried to experiment to see what exactly they could do with the glitch, at first only opening up the Pokemon and Egg menus.

Next, they checked to see if they were able to find other Pokemon and Raids nearby. Finally, they decided to open up the map menu.

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After checking their Research task progress and even accepting a pending Friend Request, the app booted them back to the map screen and completely took them out of the Giratina Raid.

Other players in the Reddit thread claimed to have experienced the same glitch, some noted they weren’t bold enough to experiment to the same degree as Logan.

Though disappointed they lost out on the opportunity to try and catch Giratina, they did claim they would try to experiment a bit more should the glitch happen again.