How to make money quick in Harvestella

How to make money in HarvestellaSquare Enix

Making money, or Grilla, in Harvestella is vital if you want to be able to succeed with both the farming and the monster-hunting aspects of this cozy game. So, here’s how you can make some quick money in Harvestella.

As it typically goes in most life-sims, money makes the world go around. You’ll need Grilla for seeds, recipe books, and cool trinkets to help you on your hunting adventures. However, that can be a little challenging to do when you’re busy saving the world and find yourself a little too busy to focus on the financial aspect.

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Nevertheless, you’ll need money for most elements in Harvestella so it’s important you find some quick and easy ways to do so.

We’ve compiled the quickest and most efficient ways to make money fast in Harvestella so you can get the most out of this cute game.

How to make money in Harvestella

Harvestella farmingSquare Enix
There are plenty of ways to make a lot of money quickly in Harvestella.

Harvest Crops

The first, and arguably the best way to make money in Harvestella is to plant and harvest crops. Some plants can give you a fantastic profit when you buy seeds and sell the harvest so it’s well worth finding the best crops to plant in Harvestella and selling them for a fantastic profit.

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Go Fishing

Harvesting crops takes a few days to complete so you can’t expect to get an instant profit, unfortunately. The seeds also cost money which can be a problem if you have none.

This is why fishing is another great way to make money fast in Harvestella. It costs nothing, aside from the original Fishing Knowledge, and grants you a fantastic profit when you sell certain fish. However, make sure to keep some of them for some recipes when setting out to fight monsters.

Complete food deliveries

With the harvest from your crops and the occasional fish, you can create some mouthwatering dishes and give them to NPCs in the towns. In practically every town a cook is looking to expand their recipes. Give them a dish and they will grant you an impressive amount of Grilla as thanks.

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Cook and sell recipes

Alternatively, if you’ve already given all the asked-for recipes away, you can always sell your left-over foods. They produce a tidy profit for a small amount of time and will often be a better profit than simply selling the ingredients. Just make sure you keep some for your adventures.

Complete side quests

Lastly, completing side quests has a multitude of benefits. You increase your relationship with the character but also often get valuable rewards. Sometimes it’s an item, other times it’s over 1,000 Grilla, perfect for a little money boost without needing to spend anything.

That’s how you can make money quickly in Harvestella. While waiting for a fish to bite or your crops to grow, take a look at some of our other handy Harvestella guides:

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