Harvestella Home Upgrades: How to expand farm space and unlock the Kitchen

Harvestella FarmingSquare Enix

Harvestella players will need to manage a number of tasks while working to save the world, including upgrading farm sizes and installing a working kitchen. Here is everything you need to know!

Harvestella is an immersive blend of JRPG combat and storyline with slice-of-life farming and resource management. Developed by Square Enix, Harvestella puts a spin on traditional farming game mechanics, creating an experience similar to the Rune Factory series. Fans will need to farm crops and raise animals to make money, as well as cook dishes to restore health and stamina in combat.

Getting started in Harvestella is streamlined through a number of tutorials. However, after getting started, players will need to puzzle out how to access some of the most important additions to their homesteads.

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This includes upgrading the farmable space outside the player’s home, as well as installing a working kitchen for cooking. While these upgrades may not be immediately apparent, the guide below will help walk players through obtaining the important improvements.

How to upgrade your farm in Harvestella

When getting started, players will have a small plot of farmable land outside of their homes. This can be tilled using the Hoe, and then planted with seeds and tree seedlings to obtain crops. However, this space is also needed for placing machines, and is scattered with large rocks that limit how the space is used.

Harvestella farmingSquare Enix
Harvestella combines traditional farming with monster hunting.

To upgrade the size of a players farm, they will need to visit the Renovator in Lethe. Here, Grilla can be spent to expand the farmable area. However, improving the farm will not remove the giant rocks in the way. This will require upgrading the Hammer tool.

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Players can also obtain the Cluffowl and Woolum pens from the Renovator. Cluffowl Pens cost 5,000 Grilla while Woolum pens cost 6,500 Grilla.

How to obtain the Kitchen in Harvestella

Like with farmland expansion, players will also need to visit the Renovator to obtain the Kitchen Counter. When first starting the game, the kitchen area will be visible in the home, but it won’t be accessible.

After an introduction to the Renovator shop, players will have the ability to unlock the Kitchen Counter for 2,000 Grilla.

The easiest way to grind for this upgrade is unlocking the Fishing Knowledge at the General Store for 800 Grilla. Selling fish can quickly pad pockets and offer the funds needed for the Kitchen Counter upgrade.

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And that’s it! This guide will continue to update as more information for Harvestella’s home upgrades becomes available.