How to make & upgrade the hammer in Harvestella

Harvestella how to upgrade the hammerSquare Enix

Harvestella is a combination between a cute farming sim and a challenging RPG, however, you can’t get much farming done without the ability to break those annoying rocks on your land. What you need is a hammer. Here’s how to make one and how to upgrade it to take down those larger boulders.

When it comes to most farming simulators, two things are important, finding the right seeds, and using your land effectively. This means getting the most out of the space you have, which is easier said than done in a game like Harvestella.

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When you start off your adventure, plenty of large and small rocks are blocking your farm. To break the smaller stones you need a hammer and to break the larger ones you need to upgrade that same tool. We’ve compiled how you can make a hammer in Harvestella and how to upgrade it so you can get back to farming.

How to make a hammer in Harvestella

Building the hammer in HarvestellaSquare Enix
It will take a few days to find all ten Hard Stones.

After going through most of the first chapter of Harvestella, Cres will show you your new farm and will instruct you to build a hammer in order to rid the farm of the smaller stones.

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She will tell you to find ten Hard Stones which can be found at the Njord Steppe. One element worth remembering is that it’s unlikely you’ll find all ten stones in one day, so keep resetting the Njord Steppe or looking around your farm for more Hard Stones until you have all ten.

Then, head to your crafting station in your house and craft the hammer. It will take ten in-game minutes.

How to upgrade the hammer in Harvestella

Unfortunately, even though you now have a hammer, this will only get rid of the smaller rocks. To get rid of the larger ones you’ll need to upgrade the tool.

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To do this, you will have to progress to Chapter 3 and complete Quest 3C: Cruel Automata. Doing so will unlock the Earth Faerie who will give you a fresh set of Faerie Orders. Complete enough of those Orders and you’ll be able to upgrade your hammer.

That’s all we know about upgrading your Hammer in Harvestella, follow those steps and you’ll be efficiently farming in no time.

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