Harvestella: How to save & when can you manually save

Jessica Filby
How to manually save in Harvestella

Harvestella is an adorable farming simulator crossed with thrilling RPG elements and a multitude of fighting, cooking, fishing, and more. But with so much to do during the day, many are wondering how you can save. We’ve got all the answers below.

Traditionally, farming simulators like Stardew Valley tend to work their saves a little differently. Rather than allowing you to simply save and leave whenever you want, you have to go through the entire day and sleep for the night before saving.

So, is Harvestella the same? How do you save and when can you turn that save into a manual action rather than simply going through the entire day? We’ve got all the answers here to stop you from losing an entire day’s worth of work.

How to save in Harvestella

There are two ways to save in Harvestella. One is done automatically and the other is done manually but is unlocked a little further into the story.

The first way is to go to sleep. This is introduced at the beginning of the game and is how most farming simulators allow you to save. All you need to do is head to your bed, which can be done at any time of the day, and go to sleep. This will introduce the new day, pay you for the items you sold, level you up (if you got enough XP), and save your game.

Alternatively, and introduced a little further into the game, you can manually save by activating a Motus Monolite. Activating this will allow you to teleport and manually save your game, allowing you to come back to the same spot.

When can you manually save in Harvestella?

Harvestella saving manually
Head to these Monolites to save manually in Harvestella.

Manually saving in Harvestella is not an instantly available process. Instead, you will need to progress with the main quest to gain the ability to save whenever you want.

When the first dungeon is unlocked, head to Higan Canyon and meet Dianthus. After traveling with her you will come across an unlit structure. She will explain to you that this is a Motus Monolite and enables you to teleport back to your farm from the dungeon.

Click on the Motus Monolite to light it up and you will be able to manually save. However, it’s worth noting you need to actively click on the Monolite to manually save. This is simply a save point rather than a permanent ability. There is one in your farm, the town, outside the general store, and many other well-used locations.

That’s all you need to know about saving in Harvestella, keep an eye out for any more Motus Monolites, and be sure to save often.