Dead Island 2: Best Blueprints, Mods, and Perks

player slaying zombies in dead island 2Dambuster Studios

Upgrading your gear in Dead Island 2 is key as you become the ultimate zombie killer in Hell-A. So let’s run through the best Blueprints, Mods, and Perks to use in the entertaining first-person shooter.

Dead Island 2 has a stupid amount of deadly weapons waiting to be found in Hell-A. From razor-sharp axes to one-shot Hunting Rifles, there’s something for everyone. The buck doesn’t stop there as Blueprints, Mods, and Perks allow for more possibilities in the game.

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Want the already frenetic pace of your Auto Carbine cranked up a notch or your Wakazashi to be more durable? Then you need upgrades. Blueprints, Mods, and Perks give players the opportunity to concoct useful resources to aid gameplay. For a round-up of all the Blueprints, along with the best Mods and Perks, read on.


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All Blueprints in Dead Island 2

In total, there are six Blueprints for you to track down and locate during the course of Dead Island 2. You can check out each of them below and what they do.

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  • Heavy Rounds: High-caliber rounds for a revolver or hunting rifle.
  • Nailgun Cartridge: Standardized nail cartridges for use in industrial nailguns.
  • Pistol Rounds: Small caliber rounds for use in pistols and machine pistols.
  • Rifle Rounds: Rifle rounds for use in assault rifles.
  • Shotgun Shells: 12-gauge buckshot cartridges for use in shotguns.
  • Med Kit: A medical kit filled with bandages, sterile wipes and all your medical essentials. Immediately boosts health on use, and removes harmful status effects.

Best Mods in Dead Island 2

Across melee weapons and guns in Dead Island 2, you’ll be able to apply Mods that add an elemental effect. Cremator Mods give weapons a fiery tinge, whereas Electrocutor Mods unsurprisingly make weapons inflict shock damage.

We don’t think you need them all, with some being more effective than others. It also goes without saying that if you can find a superior version of an existing Mod then equip it. For example, if you have a Rare version of a Mod and find the Superior rarity, then upgrade to this better version.

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  • Cremator Mod: Converts your weapon to inflict FIRE DAMAGE and gives a moderate damage boost. Successive hits to a zombie also apply the IGNITED effect.
  • Electrocutor Mod: Converts your weapon to inflict SHOCK DAMAGE and gives a moderate damage boost. Successive hits to a zombie also apply the ELECTRIFIED effect.
  • Liquidator Mod: Converts your weapon to inflict CAUSTIC DAMAGE and gives a moderate damage boost. Successive hits to a zombie also apply the MELTING effect.
mods in dead island 2Dambuster Studios

Best Perks in Dead Island 2

Along with everything else, you can also add Perks to your weapon to further increase their effectiveness. Dead Island 2’s Perk system is rangey, so let’s narrow down some of the best options to use across all rarities.

  • High-Caliber: Increases DAMAGE and FORCE, but reduces Magazine size and Accuracy.
  • Damaging: Increases DAMAGE.
  • Tactical Reload: Killing a zombie gives a moderate RELOAD SPEED boost.
  • Bloodthirsty: Killing a zombie gives a moderate DAMAGE boost, and generates increased FURY.
  • Mind-Blowing: Killing a zombie with a blow to the HEAD triggers a Forceful explosion.

If you equip at least some of the Mods and Perks to your favorite weapons then you’re sure to dish out a great deal of damage in Dead Island 2. Don’t forget about crafting items from Blueprints too! For more guides on the game, we have plenty more below for you to check out:

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