High on Life: How to unlock the secret ending

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High on Life’s secret ending is there for those who take their time to do some more digging, so here’s how to unlock it.

High on Life has been a bit of a sleeper hit since it landed on Xbox Game Pass, and now it’s also come to PlayStation consoles. The irreverent first-person shooter was developed by the same team who worked on Rick and Morty, so wide appeal was a given. The game’s story is surprisingly deep for a cartoon-themed game, borrowing from Justin Roiland’s other works.

However, those who explore every inch of High on Life and take the time to follow up on plot threads will be treated to a secret ending, which extends the standard one you unlock before the credits roll. Here’s everything you need to do to see the secret ending in High on Life.

a screenshot of the game high on life
High on Life’s standard ending isn’t the end of the story.

High on Life: Secret Ending

To access High on Life‘s secret ending, you’ll first need to complete the game as normal by defeating Garmantuous, then use the Portal Station to go to Clugg’s Office in the Nova Sanctus.

Once there, walk over to the desk and pick up the pink Human Haven Keycard and then go back to the Portal Station. You’ll now be able to visit Human Haven in the Unknown Sector. Go inside and disobey the ‘Do Not Climb’ sign by working your way up to the top of the structure.

You’ll need to jump up some ledges using your jetpack until you reach the top. Once there, follow the walkway through a door and use the Human Haven Keycard to open it.

Make your way across the corridor and enter the room, you’ll need to use Sweezy’s Time Bubble to avoid the swinging blades before climbing into a pipe and through a ventilation shaft. Use Sweezy’s Time Bubble again to safely jump down to the bottom.

You’ll land in a lab full of dead people, ignore the macabre sight and make your way through the nearby door to find Clugg, who will flee when he spots you. Give chase until you arrive in a new room where Dr. Gurgula is waiting.

Gurgula will freeze you using his stasis powers and you’ll need to sit through his fourth-wall-breaking dialogue. He’ll then escape after dropping an exciting bombshell, leaving your current gun to comment on the revelation.

We won’t spoil what the secret ending of High on Life reveals — instead, we’ll leave that for you to enjoy!

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