Does High on Life have multiplayer or co-op?

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High on Life is a cross between a first-person adventure shooter and an episode of Rick and Morty – but can you play the game with your friends? We’ve got all the answers here so you know if High on Life has multiplayer or co-op capabilities.

Merging talking weapons with hilarious aliens and a cartoonish design, High on Life takes a more jokey perspective on first-person shooter tropes. However, with games like these many wonder if you can play with your friends.

Some similar titles will often begin as single-player and incorporate PvP or multiplayer co-op capabilities. So, does High on Life have multiplayer or co-op, and will it eventually add such abilities? We’ve got all the answers here.

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High on Life multiplayer capabilitiesSquanch Games
High on Life is a chaotic action-adventure but does it have multiplayer or co-op?

Is High On Life multiplayer or co-op?

No, High on Life is entirely a single-player experience focusing on bringing players a relatively linear storyline.

The game’s single-player design was displayed throughout the trailers and is now confirmed through the gameplay, displaying no way to invite friends or play against other players. It seems fans will need to enjoy the game alone with only the company of their weapons to keep them relatively sane and safe from each alien-infested planet.

Will High on Life have multiplayer or co-op?

While High on Life is relatively new to the gaming industry, the developers of the game have currently released no confirmation that High on Life will ever gain multiplayer or co-op capabilities.

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From the gameplay and developer’s design, it seems High on Life will forever be a single-player linear experience and will never enable PvP or multiplayer co-op modes.

That’s all we know about High on Life being capable of multiplayer or co-op. If any information is announced regarding these capabilities we will be updating this article so be sure to check back soon.

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