Can you play High on Life on the Steam Deck?

High on Life on steam deckSteam / Squanch Games

High on Life is an action-adventure game that combines a first-person shooter with a similar style to Rick and Morty, but can you enjoy the game on your Steam Deck? We have all the answers here so you can get to destroying those pesky aliens.

The Steam Deck is filled with a plethora of titles from popular MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV to shooters like Modern Warfare 2, but that doesn’t mean every released title is compatible with the handheld device.

So, with the release of High on Life, the question is often raised, can you play High on Life on the Steam Deck? We’ve got all the answers here so you can begin to experience this chaotic action adventure wherever you are.

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High on Life aliensSquanch Games
High of Life is filled with chaos, but can you play it on the Steam Deck?

Can you play High on Life on the Steam Deck?

Yes, you can play High on Life on your Steam Deck. According to a Reddit post, Valve has stated that High on Life is compatible and therefore playable on the Steam Deck.

However, it does state that some of the in-game text may be tough to read due to its size. Although, from players who have already enjoyed High on Life on their Steam Deck, it has been reported that all other elements will run well on the handheld console meaning you can play the game from anywhere without worrying about its stability.

Where to buy High on Life

There are two ways you can play High on Life on the Steam Deck. The first is through optimizing your Game Pass subscription, which can be found in our articles describing how to install Windows onto your Steam deck and how to play Xbox Game Pass on your device. The other way is to purchase the game through Steam directly on your Steam Deck.

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