High on Life voice actors for all characters

Jessica Filby
High on life voice actors

High on Life is a humorous adventure brimming with the same comedy and tropes as the popular show, Rick and Morty. Eagle-eared fans may even recognize some voices from the show in the game, but who are the voice actors?

An increasing amount of A-listers and voice actors are attaching themselves to highly anticipated games. This allows fans of previous performances, such as Rick and Morty, to see those popular voice actors creating an alternative story, filled with all the same kind of humor they enjoy.

So, who voices some of these hilarious characters in High on Life? Here’s a breakdown of all the voice actors in High on Life as well as where you may know them from.

Kenny in High on Life
High on Life features some very familiar voice talent.

The High on Life cast

The following actors make up the primary cast for High on Life:

  • Sweezy: Betsy Sodaro
  • Gene: Dave Herman
  • Gus: JB Smoove
  • Kenny: Justin Roiland
  • Lizzie: Laura Silverman
  • Knifey: Michael Cusack
  • Creature: Tim Robinson

Where you’ve heard the High on Life voice actors before

Betsy Sodaro

Fans of shows like Rick and Morty will have likely heard Betsy Sodaro’s voice in the TV show, Bobs Burgers. She voices both Patty and Jackie in the show and has regular appearances with some hilarious lines.

Dave Herman

Dave Herman is another voice actor many will recognize from Bobs Burgers, regularly playing Mr. Frond in the popular show. However many other fans of similar animated shows will likely see his name in the credits of Futurama. He voices a plethora of characters in the show and has been part of Futurama for over a decade.

JB Smoove

JB Smoove is a talented voice and live-action actor known for starring as the driving instructor in Spider-Man: Far From Home. He’s also appeared in American Dad!, Teen Titans Go, and as Dr, Ray De Angelo Harris in Grand Theft Auto V.

High on Life aliens
High of Life is filled with chaos and some impressive voice acting.

Justin Roiland

Fans of Rick and Morty will likely know exactly who Justin Roiland is. He’s the co-creator of the show and voices both Rick and Morty respectively, which is where the recognizable weapon in High on Life comes from. He was also the Earl of Lemongrab in Adventure Time.

Laura Silverman

Laura Silverman shares her voice acting career with plenty of the voice actors in High on Life. She and Roiland both voiced prominent characters in Adventure time. While she also plays Andy Pesto in Bobs Burgers.

Michael Cusack

Cusack is the writer and voice actor of the 2018 Rick and Morty April Fools Day parody in which an alternate universe set in Australia was created called Bushworld Adventures and featuring the characters many know and love.

Tim Robinson

Writing and performing in comedy shows like Saturday Night Live and Detroiters, Tim Robinson has been in the comedy scene for decades now. He’s best known for creating and starring in I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.

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