All Sons of the Forest endings explained & how to get secret ending

Sons of the forest helicopter endingEndnight Games

Sons of the Forest may be an open-world survival experience but it does have an ending, in fact, it has more than one for players to discover – so here are all the Sons of the Forest endings as well as how to get that secret finale.

Despite the limitless nature of Sons of the Forest, players and their friends are able to complete the game once they’ve grabbed the required kit like a Shovel and a Rope Gun. However, with there being more than one ending and a relatively rushed final sequence, many will wonder what they could have achieved had they made different choices.

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So, here’s an explanation of all the endings in the game as well as how many there are, just in case you want to head back into that fated forest and try to get them all.


Sons of the forest endingEndnight Games
Time is of the essence with every ending.

How many endings are there in Sons of the Forest?

Altogether there are three possible endings in Sons of the Forest: The bad, the good, and the secret ending.

To get these endings you’ll first need to collect the Maintenance Keycard and the VIP Keycard. Then, head over to the bunker in the south and enter the mysterious cube. This will reveal a safety cube, allowing you to not meet the same fate as the other monsters on the island.

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Shortly after, you will wake up and be made to choose which ending you want to follow through with. Each ending is explained below.

Fight Demons ending explained

The first ending, often regarded as the bad ending, will leave you on the island where you’ll be stuck fighting the monsters forever.

This ending is achieved by retrieving the backpack, in which the helicopter will leave without you and you’ll get the Fight Demons achievement.

Fought Demons ending explained

Sons of the Forest backpackEndnight Games
The backpack has more meaning than many realize in Sons of the Forest.

The Fought Demons ending, often regarded as the good ending, occurs much in the same way as the Fight Demons ending. However, instead of choosing to retrieve the backpack, you’ll end up leaving it and heading into the helicopter.

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This will allow you to get off the island and be saved, granting you the Fought Demons achievement.

The Secret Sons of the Forest ending explained

The secret ending requires a fair amount of preplanning and a lot of exploration. First, you’ll need to get Virginia as a companion and keep Kelvin alive throughout your run through the game. Then, when you get to the end of the game and the helicopter is present, board it and your companions will come with you.

This way everyone stays alive and you’ll get the Keep Your Friends Close achievement. Due to how much planning and care you have to take, this is often regarded as the secret ending.

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If you get Virginia as a companion and don’t let Kelvin die, both of them will board the helicopter with you. This secret ending will grant you the ‘Keep Your Friends Close’ achievement.

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