Armored Core 6: Will Patches “The Good Luck” return?

patches in dark soulsFromSoftware

Patches is one of the most controversial characters in From Software’s games, but will the sneaky thief/mercenary return in Armored Core 6?

From Software has become a huge deal since they last made an Armored Core game. The Souls series, Elden Ring, and Sekiro all helped put the developer on the map and establish them as one of the most celebrated game creators in the industry. Part of their appeal is how they reuse certain characters and items as a nod to the fans who enjoy their expanding multiverse of games.

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Patches, or Trusty Patches, the Hyena, the Untethered, or Unbreakable Patches is a reoccurring character, voiced by Will Vanderpuye, in the Souls games who usually tries to swindle the player, before allying with them. Patches has appeared in Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 1 and 3, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring, often providing comic relief, or as in the case of Dark Souls 3, serving a much more meaningful purpose.

patches in armored coreFromSoftware
Patches first role in Armored Core was very different to Souls.

Is Patches in AC6?

Alas, Patches is not in Armored Core 6 and neither is his voice actor William Vanderpuye, which may be a disappointment to some From Software fans.

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However, the role of the cowardly and treacherous character in AC6 goes to Swineburne, voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch. The NPC is clearly a nod to patches, but sadly, not the multiverse-spanning conman himself.

Patches in previous Armored Core games

What many From Software fans may not know is that Patches (or just Patch in this case) “The Good Luck” made his debut in Armored Core: For Answer in 2008, a whole year before his role in Demon’s Souls would create the version of the character that is still used today, most recently in Elden Ring.

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In Armored Core: For Answer, Patch was a mercenary who shared many character traits with his Souls game counterpart but was played by a different voice actor. However, a version of the Moonlight Sword from the Souls games has appeared in Armored Core 6, so some references from Souls did make it in.

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