Dr Disrespect explains why more games should include iconic Mortal Kombat feature

Dr Disrespect praises mortal kombatYouTube/DrDisrespect/NetherRealm Studios

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has given his take on how multiplayer video games should reward players for winning, using Mortal Kombat’s Fatalities as an example.

The two-time back-to-back Blockbuster video game champion is never one to hold back on sharing his opinions on the industry and how it can do better.

As Doc’s studio, Midnight Society, ramps up development on their first game, Project Moon, the Champions Club leader discussed how winning in a game should pack a series punch.

During a recent Escape From Tarkov stream, the YouTuber addressed boring victory screens and which games reward those who triumph.

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Dr Disrespect with the midnight society logoYouTube: DrDisrespect
How will Dr Disrespect’s own game “reward” winners?

Dr Disrespect praises Mortal Kombat’s “reward”

Commenting on Tarkov Arena, Doc began pondering about how the game would show the victors and if it would be exciting.

“Is it just a text box that says ‘first place’ or ‘chicken chicken dinner’ and that’s it?” he asked, mocking PUBG’s victory screen.

Following this, Doc explained how people who win multiplayer games, regardless of genre, deserve something special for emerging victorious.

(segment begins at 0:36 for mobile users)

“I think if you win a game, you should be rewarded tremendously in an entertaining way,” he said. “Kind of like how Mortal Kombat does it, you know? You beat the guy and guess what? You won, you get to Finish Him. I wish there was something cool like that.”

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The two-time further said that while Mortal Kombat’s fatalities are definitely cool, they wouldn’t fit every game, but the concept could still be applied.

“Maybe something hot shot that everyone has to see at the end?” he suggested.

It’s unclear what exactly more Doc had in mind, but it will be interesting to see if any of his ideas make their way to Project Moon when it’s eventually released.