Fortnite player suggests creative way to block sweaty skins

Daniel Appleford
Fortnite rare skins

A Fortnite player has proposed a concept that would enable players to hide certain skins, similar to what the game did with emotes.

Fortnite recently introduced an option that allows players to block “confrontational” emotes from view through a specific setting. This recent addition has inspired the idea of allowing players to block certain skins from being viewed.

The original Reddit post took the same concept from blocking the emotes, except it added the option to block the superhero skins instead of emotes specifically. These superhero skins have plagued Fortnite for several seasons and are considered one of the “sweatier” skins in the game.

“If someone’s wearing cool color combinations I dig it but the ones who only wear black /gray are the worst lol.” said one commenter.

Most players utilize the customizable feature of superhero skins to fully black them out, which allegedly reduces the hitbox size. Epic Games has denied claims that any skin possesses a smaller hitbox than others, asserting that regardless of visual appearance, all skins maintain the same hitbox size.

Fortnite was called “soft” for their decision to block these emotes, but it seems like some of the community would be happy to see something similar brought to these “sweaty” skins.

One commenter pointed out that blocking the skins would be pointless, but this point was challenged with the fact that Fortnite is already blocking certain skins from view that are considered not “age appropriate” for some maps.

Though the concept of blocking certain skins is currently improbable, the adjustments Fortnite is implementing with the game and its age settings could pave the way for a similar concept to become plausible in the future.

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