Pokemon Go players demand Niantic revert new update after getting community noted on X

Michelle Cornelia
Pokemon Go avatar with stripy background.

Amidst the controversial avatar changes in Pokemon GO, Niantic attempted to highlight a particular in-game feature that certainly did not end well.

In a recent X post, Niantic shared a few images highlighting eye color options in Pokemon GO, claiming that players “can now customize their eye color” with the “all-new Avatar update.” 

While this was intended to promote the game’s recent Avatar changes, players were quick to hit back in the comments and even left a Community Note labeling the post as misleading. 

This is because changing the player’s avatar eye color has always been a possible thing to do in the game, not a “new feature” like how the original post was worded. 


Granted, there were only a few eye color options previously, but this doesn’t make the feature new. Added to the fact that the recent avatar changes haven’t been well-received, fans in the comments were upset and demanded Niantic revert the changes.

“Roll. It. Back. It literally is THAT bad. Advertising it just makes it worse,” commented one player. Another player claimed that the new update “was not asked for” and even considered it a “huge failure.” 

They added, “You should really revert it back to the old avatars until you put as much effort into it that you did the new backgrounds. Those look amazing. The avatars ain’t it!”

“With a lackluster avatar update, Niantic can revert back to 2016 avatar before creating more eye customs. Please listen to your Pokémon GO Community and do the right thing!” said another.

So far, the new avatar changes have been getting a lot of negative feedback from the community, with players claiming that the new appearance looks “stupid” and “horrendous.” The drastic art overhaul also left some players complaining about the female character models, seeing how they got “nerfed” from the update.

Though it’s unclear what changes Niantic will implement in the future, it’s been made known that they’ve acknowledged players’ frustrations regarding these changes.

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