Best M870 loadout for XDefiant

Kurt Perry
870 shotgun in XDefiant.

The M870 is a pump action shotgun in XDefiant that is lethal up close with the right loadout. Here’s the build you’ll want to use to make one-shotting enemies much more consistent.

XDefiant has launched with three shotguns, and the M870 is the only pump action out of them. This iconic weapon is lethal up close as expected, but it also has a great two-shot kill range of 15 meters, making it surprisingly versatile.

It becomes especially strong if you learn how to use movement properly, with this game’s unique movement being one of the key differences between XDefiant and Call of Duty.

Even if you master the movement though, the M870 isn’t anything special without a meta loadout. Here’s the best build to make this shotgun as strong as possible.

XDefiant M870 loadout

M870 shotgun inspected in XDefiant.
The best M870 loadout turns the pump action shotgun into a one-shot machine.
  • Muzzle: Barrel Extender
  • Barrel: Choke
  • Front Rail: Superlight Grip
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw Grip
  • Stock: Lightweight Stock

By far the biggest priority when building a meta M870 in XDefiant is to maximize its range. To do this, you’ll want to equip both the Barrel Extended muzzle and Choke barrel, which when combined provide a massive 25% boost to both Short Range and Medium Range damage.

For the other three attachments, they should all be used to improve mobility and handling. A snappy shotgun is an effective shotgun, so using the Lightweight stock is a given. This mobility-focused stock improves ADS Walking Speed by a huge 20% and even raises general Movement Speed by 2.5%.

The big downside to the Lightweight stock is that it slows down ADS Speed. To offset this, use the Quick Draw Grip which not only negates the Lightweight Stock’s ADS Speed penalty but also improves Sprint-Shoot Time by 10%.

Of these five attachments, the Superlight Grip front rail is the most interchangeable, with it further speeding up ADS Speed and Movement Speed. Though this is great for rushing around the map, some players may prefer the PEQ-15 instead which tightens Spread Accuracy when hip-firing.

How to unlock M870 in XDefiant

The M870 is one of seven weapons in XDefiant that is unlocked immediately as soon as you load up the game. You don’t need to complete any base challenges or progress the Preseason Battle Pass.

Best M870 alternatives in XDefiant

The closest competitor to the M870 is the Double Barrel shotgun, another lethal close-range weapon. While the M870 requires a one-shot kill to be competitive, the Double Barrel can get away with a second shot thanks to its fast one-two combo.

That’s all for the best M870 loadout you can use in XDefiant. For more meta weapons and loadouts, check out these builds for the ACR 6.8, AK-47, M16A4, and MP5A2.

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