Best XDefiant Sawed-Off Shotgun build: Class loadouts for high damage & low recoil

Shane Black
XDefiant Sawed-Off Shotgun

With Season 1 of XDefiant here, the battle pass has brought with it three new weapons to unlock and use. This includes the new Sawed-Off Shotgun, a new sidearm that is a great complement to many of the game’s best weapons.

While the range of this gun is not anything to write home about, it brings a solid punch that can quickly take an enemy out when fighting in close quarters.

To learn how to kit out the Sawed-Off Shotgun in XDefiant Season 1 for recoil, damage, and the best overall experience, we have the rundown of how to do each.

XDefiant Sawed-Off Shotgun in-game

The Sawed-Off Shotgun is a basic weapon to build a loadout for thanks to it only having one attachment slot: the Rear Grip. This makes kitting it out pretty easy when needing to choose the right attachments.

For the best overall experience, we recommend using the Quick Draw Grip. This attachment will give you better Sprint-to-Fire speed, as well as greater ADS Speed.

Given that the Sawed-Off Shotgun is a Secondary weapon, you are most likely going to be using it in a situation where you have to pull it out quickly and get your shots off. Having this attachment to help you do that faster is key to survival.

Best Sawed-Off Shotgun build for high damage

While there is no Rear Grip attachment that will boost the damage done by the Sawed-Off Shotgun, you can use the Heavy Grip to help deal the most damage possible. This attachment will reduce your horizontal recoil and provide you with better flinch control when you are aiming down the sights.

Using this gun in close quarters guarantees that you will be under fire when aiming it so you will want to be able to keep from flinching too much and missing your shots. Landing shots means dealing more damage, which leads to more wins.

Best Sawed-Off Shotgun build to reduce recoil

For recoil, the best attachment to use is the Grip Tape which will give you better vertical recoil control and excellent recoil recovery. This means that you can regroup and get a more accurate shot off easier than if you weren’t using this grip.

This won’t make the Sawed-Off Shotgun a long-range threat, but it will certainly help keep your shots on target.

How to unlock the Sawed-Off Shotgun in XDefiant

To unlock the Sawed-Off Shotgun, you will have to progress through the Season 1 Battle Pass to Tier 80. Once you have completed this tier, the weapon will be unlocked.

Luckily, it is on the free track for the battle pass, so you won’t have to purchase the Premium version to unlock this weapon.

The Sawed-Off Shotgun is one of three new weapons that have come to XDefiant in Season 1, so you can learn how to unlock the LVOA-C Assault Rifle and the L115 Sniper Rifle here.