Best LMGs in XDefiant

Declan Mclaughlin
XDefiant artwork

There are a few options for XDefiant players regarding LMGs, but one clearly outshines the rest.

Assault Rifles traditionally reign supreme in shooters like XDefiant, though LMGs also have their place in some objective game modes. In the Ubisoft title, players can choose between the M249, M60, and RPK-74 in the weapon class.

The three guns are a blast to use while piloting factions like Cleaners and Phantoms as their giant magazines synergize well with their abilities.

All three weapons are viable options with the right attachments. However, there is a clear ranking between them. Here is how these LMGs stack up against each other.

Best LMGs in XDefiant


The M249 is the jack-of-all-trades LMG in XDefiant. Depending on the loadout, players can sit back and rain bullets on the enemy, or push close and take fights on the front lines.

It has the highest mobility in the class and the most forgiving recoil, which helps it stand up against the likes of ARs and SMGs.

The gun does struggle at long-ranged engagements, but with the right loadout, players should be able to make this LMG a monster on every map.

Players can also start using the weapon the second they download the game as it is available on launch.

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XDefiant RPK-74

The RPK-74 is the second-best weapon in the class thanks to its high damage and range. The gun can rip through enemy abilities and stall pushes with ease.

However, the RPK has the worst recoil in the class and players will need to learn to control it or spend time unlocking attachments to mitigate its vicious kick. The gun also has fewer bullets than the other two in the class.

The right loadout to make this gun less unwieldy involves adding attachments that increase mobility and accuracy.

Players can get their hands on the weapon after dealing 10,000 damage with LMGs.

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XDefiant M60

The M60 is the odd gun out in this class, as its stats are in between the RPK and M249. It has less mobility than the former, but less firepower than the latter.

The middle-child LMG can overcome those weaknesses with the right attachments, but grinding to get them could be hard as the weapon can be unwieldy.

Players can get their hands on the weapon after dealing 5,000 damage to enemy equipment with an LMG.

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LMGs are not the only weapon class that can rain bullets on enemies, SMGs and Assault Rifles are also viable options in the XDefiant meta.