Attack on Titan card game debuting as part of Universus

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Attack on Titan Eren as the Attack TitanMAPPA

Though the anime may have finished, there’s more Attack on Titan on the way very soon, in the form of a new collectible card game.

Attack on Titan reshaped the media landscape, bringing anime to greater prominence in the West than ever before. Finally reaching its hotly-anticipated ending, fans haven’t seen the last of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and the scouts, as an Attack on Titan TCG is set to launch very soon.

Attack on Titan’s card game is coming as part of the UniVersus TCG in 2024. UniVersus has already amassed world-famous anime titles like Cowboy Bebop and Trigun Stampede, so adding Attack on Titan to its ever-growing ranks is only natural.

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Attack on Titan is joining Universus

Universus and Attack on Titan logoUniversus

As with other anime card games, Attack on Titan’s appearance in Universus will feature artwork direct from Hajime Isayama’s acclaimed manga. It remains to be seen whether Attack on Titan Universus will also feature art from WIT Studio and MAPPA’s anime adaptations of the series.

it’s been a surprisingly good period for anime-inspired TCGs recently. The One Piece Card Game has been picking up steam since its relatively recent release, capitalizing on the live-action series and the anime’s Gear 5 moment bringing in scores of new fans. Attack on Titan joining Universus will likely be able to build up similar momentum thanks to the anime ending keeping the series fresh in mind.

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While Attack on Titan’s manga and anime may have finished, the series will likely linger in its fans’ minds for years to come. While the series’ ending may have proven controversial, it has done little to slow the overwhelming popularity of Attack on Titan. Alongside the card game, we can likely expect to see more spin-offs in the months ahead.

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